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Cheap Thrills

Started by vivix, December 18, 2007, 12:51:32 PM

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username: cheapthrills
email: secase AT gmail DOT com

I've been looking for free hosting for a comic that I have been working on for the past 8 or 9 months, called "Cheap Thrills," as well as some of my related artworks. The comic is currently being hosted at, but I'd like to have some regular hosting. I have over 70 pages of the first chapter completed so far.

The comics, and other artworks, can be viewed here:

I have also coded up an example website, with the first ten pages (they get better, I swear) and the beginnings of an archives section. It's nothing fancy, but I hope it's good enough:

Anyway, I've got a question. I know that Xepher doesn't allow pornography or excessive violence, but what about drug use within the context of a comic or work of art? There is some drug use and underage drinking within the completed pages of Cheap Thrills, and I know at least 2 of the future chapters will revolve around drug addiction.

If you've got any questions, just ask!


Hey! I'm impressed with the artwork for a Furry or "Humanimal" comic. You get my vote!

Well, I don't really think it's up to a vote, but positive replies always help :P


Drug use... hmm. I'll eventually be putting this in the "Clarifications" thread as well, so here goes.

Drugs and their use are perfectly valid subject matter for creative material. People DO use drugs in the real world, and there's no reason why narrative (or other creative output) shouldn't be able to explore that part of human nature. There is a definite line between drug use taking place, and material designed specifically to promote drug use. Promotion of drug use is explicitly forbidden. That doesn't mean you have to make every story into an after school special or anything, but rather that you can't post instructional materials for creating, obtaining, or using drugs or drug paraphernalia. Can you show a character shooting up or doing a bong hit? Yes, if it's part of a legitimate story, and not just a ploy to circumvent the restrictions here. This is a lot like the ruling on porn/sexual content. If sex or nudity comes about in a story or comic, that's fine, but if sex/nudity is the focus of the content, then that makes it porn. Likewise, if drugs come up in context, that's okay, but drugs should not be the focus of the content.

Now, as to your application. Looks pretty good, but I'm gonna give it a few days to get more opinions.


I'm amazed at how often I recognize these applications.  I've been reading for a few months now, you've done a lot of nice work on the characters.

Good luck, A more webcomics-ish archive would be a welcome improvement to FA's gallery.


Thanks Omega and Fesworks :)

And Xepher, thank you for the clarification. Drugs aren't the main focus of the comic, nor are they being promoted within the comic. I just wanted to make sure that sort of content was okay, if I get accepted I didn't want to end up breaking the rules.


Alright, you're in. You should have an email with login info and instructions.