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Main Menu [Phase1: Re-apply]

Started by boozet, January 02, 2008, 03:41:11 AM

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Forgotten Phase 1 User reporting!!!
Sorry we had no update for so long... but we are ready now.


username       : boozet
email             : derryadrian[AT]yahoo(DOT)com

sitedescription :

We are sharing our freeware.
VisualCD - File cataloging software
BeClean  - Custom Cleaner for your computer

Dear Xepher, my account had deleted. Reason: email notify goes to bulk / spam mail.
So, we try to re-apply since new version of VisualCD and BeClean already compiled. Fresh from the oven!!!
We'd like to share our freeware once again. And... hope it will not suck-dry your bandwidth again hahahahaha

Thank's pal.


To be honest with you, it wasn't just the lack of update... it was the lack of any/all notice or contact, even when I locked your site for months before the move. In fact, it's been nearly two full months since then even. I even had people from various freeware magazines contacting me about your software, and I kept having to explain that I was not the one that could give them permission to put it on their cover CD. On top of that, and while I know writing good software is hard/creative work, it doesn't really fit with the purpose of, which is really meant more for comics, art, writing and that sort of thing. I know you were around a long time, and I'm not doing this just because of the annoyance of all the people bugging me (instead of you) when the site was down... but I think it's time you got a site somewhere else that's more focused on the software side of things. Sorry, and I hope there's no hard feelings.


Booo!!.. hooo.. hooo... *sob*  ;D

Naah, no problem man. Thanks anyway.
Just few days ago, I had contacted by someone (nick Balysta) who had mirroring our site.
We working on our own website.
Thank you very much for letting us using your power source.
And so sorry if theres much troubling you.

Again, thanks.