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Borked Email

Started by Xepher, February 08, 2008, 09:11:29 PM

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Two days ago I updated a lot of the software on the server to close a couple of security bugs/notices they announced. During the update however, we had two small glitches. One, was that I managed to disable CGI for the webserver, meaning if you ran perl scripts or such (like movable type) Reinder of ROCR pointed that out to me and I got it fixed yesterday. Today I got up, and had no email... but a couple IMs from people saying they had no email either. (Unfortunately, I was already late for work, and spent the next 6 hours on a job site.) Turns out I'd updated a package I didn't even intend to... the spam filter. The new version changed a couple variable names, so it wasn't able to run, meaning mail just got queued up, and after a while it stopped taking delivery, asking the sending servers to queue it up there and retry later. I started fixing it, and as soon as it was able to run, it delivered all the queued emails... but I hadn't finished fixing the config yet, so it delivered everything as though it were spam/junk mail. Anyway, long story short, no mail should've been lost. About 100 messages were delivered to various Junk folders though, so you should all dig through the past day and a half of those to see if one or two were legit. The rest of the mail that didn't get delivered should be queued up on other mail servers and begin trickling in over the next few hours now that it's accepting delivery again. The update occurred just after 0600 UTC on the 7th. That's midnight, the start of the 7th CST here in the states, so you only need to look back through the Junk folder until about then.

Sorry for the trouble on this one guys. I botched it, as when I told it to do the update, I didn't notice it was planning on updating my spam filter package. If I'd seen that, I'd have directly tested it right then and there.