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Not sure exactly where to post this, but this forum looks good. I'm finally making the switch from Dreamhost to Xepher, so I'd like "jinxville.com" set as my domain for my account, "jinxville.xepher.net." Also, any idea how long before I can notify GoDaddy about the nameservers? I've never switched hosting before. Fesworks has been very helpful on the subject, but I'm nervous about downtime disrupting my (very meager) traffic flow.

Thanks in advance!

Soon as I get it setup on this end, you can transition the nameservers. Those changes supposedly take 24-48 hours, but in reality I usually see them hit within the hour. Assuming you have the same site mirrored at both locations, the actual transition would be seamless to users. A user would be sent to the old site, then whenever the change makes it to their server, the next page they view would be sent here. They wouldn't notice a thing.

On that note, I've set up things at this end, so go ahead and set the nameservers to ns1.xepher.net and ns2.xepher.net whenever you're ready.

Coooollll. Thanks! I'll finish getting this set up, and I'll let you know if I have any problem on this end, which I doubt I will.

Could you add www.psiwebcomic.com to my fesworks account pwease?

I think it's done... I did it a new way this time, so lemme know if you have problems.


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