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What is Life?

Started by Xepher, April 20, 2008, 09:28:00 AM

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What is life? That's the question, isn't it?

What do you feel is the point... the reason... the meaming... the why? What're we here for?

For me, I say this... to better the race. I like to think we're her to help find our path amongst the stars. We're the explorers set to leave this rock and move to the stars. How about you?


Well, it can also heavily depend upon your belief of the origin of life. Cosmic Dice or Diety.

I tend to fall into the "cosmic dice" notion... it's science, for the most part. It just happened. There's no real point to it at all. It the greater scheme of things. It does not matter.... at all.

However, since we are here, might as well make the most of it. And in that aspect, each generation of ANY living organism has been to adapt itself to the changing world around them. Primarily to an advantage of some sort. Basically, each generation's instinct, and I think responsibility, is to improve themselves and the relation they have with their environment.


I agree with fesworks, but I also think that there is a greater power, not necessarily an all knowing being or a God, but something else.
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The pessimist in me says highly expensive worm food but the optimist says that we're meant to demonstrate to whoever's watching that we're not incompetent fools.

We're still working on that.
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Quote from: griever on April 21, 2008, 09:29:47 AM
The pessimist in me says highly expensive worm food but the optimist says that we're meant to demonstrate to whoever's watching that we're not incompetent fools.

We're still working on that.

True, and when people do things like this, it's not really going the right direction :/


D'oh, not again. Curse you, Fes! XD

Anyway, I like to think the point of relative? I dunno. I think doing what you can with what you've got is the best way I can put it... Enjoying it to the fullest, doing good for the sake of good, not because big-godly-brother is watching you, et cetera. Stuff that advances humanity both as a culture and as a species, that sort of thing.

I really do think about these things, honest, I just can't really explain it in words...well I can, but it might end up being very, very long, so I'm not going to.

As for whether it all means anything at the end of the day, well...I personally hate the very idea of religion with a passion, but that doesn't mean I think we're all nothing but worm food. :P
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I find it interesting. Somehow, I find that most people I associate with (philosophically) tend to be non-religious, yet at the same time, most of them want to believe in some higher power/purpose. Not neccesarily a god/deity as is traditional, but there's still that desire there to find something greater than ourselves. I mostly feel the same way. I dislike most all organized religions, yet I really do "believe" (if that's even the right term) in a higher power. It's actually one of my great quandaries.. how to reconcile my mostly-scientific ideals with some irrational belief in "The Almighty." Still not sure what to do with it.


When it comes to a "higher power" a "god" or whatever. It's not that I am an atheist, or I'm brooding for some greater meaning or reason "why". What I believe in is a weird mix of science and paganistic aspects (not to go into details). It's nice to think about an "over power", even something like "Global Consciousness".

As far as "religious" or not, I like to think of myself as an "Agnostic Pagan" ... which sounds kinda really weird.

I have firm beliefs in Science by default, but I believe that not all has yet been explained by Science, so I also hold onto some other values that may be unexplainable by science.... I also carry values and morals that fall into some pagan religions... though honestly, values and morals do not need to be religion based, and should just be basic human values and morals.

... If I am making any sense....