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The World is Awesome!

Started by Xepher, May 09, 2008, 03:07:13 AM

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Few, if any, corporate mottoes have ever inspired me. Nike said "Just do it" and Gatorade said "Is it in you?" but nothing... nothing got to me like the new Discovery channel motto: "The World is Awesome!" and it's touched me in such a way that I just can't describe. I mean, that's the whole and all of it... the world IS awesome. That's it. That's the meaning of life. It's fracking awesome!

Will-san linked these tonight and I figured that was a fitting way to start this series. Please, link other articles/pictures on the same theme, because, the world really is awesome.  :-P


That's looking, and theoretically useful information, all in one!


I've been wanting a high-speed camera ever since mythbusters started airing. Even popping balloons is cool in super-slo-mo!


People are generally really ugly in slow motion [filming a guy getting hit, filming people on a roller coaster, etc.], unless you get off on seeing rippling skin and fat.

Water droplets are pretty, though.  They make little crowns and such on impact.  They also make little phallic towers... <.<