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Cuckoo Radio

Started by cprebble, May 15, 2008, 02:18:41 AM

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I am attempting to find a host for an online radio station, called Cuckoo Radio.
The radio station plays what listeners put on it. If anyone has creative material, i.e. songs that they wish to be played, I will do so for free.

I've chatted and most think it's a good idea.

All work will be original and posted by myself on the station with permission.

I'm just trying to find some good software to be able to keep it streaming, rather than make it a click-and-go thing.


An online radio station is a pretty huge drain on bandwidth, and requires special server software. Most of any note use dedicated hardware just for the live stream, and keep websites and such on separate servers. If you're serious about this, then you've got a fair amount of research and learning to do still, judging from your comment about looking for software still. On top of the technical issues, you have to worry about the licensing fees for any music you play. It's illegal to just play whatever people send you until you've paid the proper license fees for the copyrights.

All that said, is setup to host websites primarily, and wouldn't be a good place to try and run a radio station. You'll need to look elsewhere for that sort of service, and if you plan to have more than a dozen listeners or so, you'll probably need dedicated hardware and bandwidth.

Best of luck to you though!