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Free PHP scripts! I need them.

Started by Miluette, June 08, 2008, 12:20:45 AM

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A tagboard script! I need one!

My search usually turns up something useless (doesn't work as easily as said). The one I had closest to working broke during the last server move/upgrade/whatsis.

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Shoutbox?  I don't know of any scripts that I could recommend but I know a lot of people use Shoutmix.
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Griever - Shoutmix, cbox and the like have fallen from the glory they knew about three years ago. In fact, all the shoutbox services have. It's really sad.

The best shoutboard I've seen is here: But it was coded by my friend's boyfriend and it uses myslq and all that stuff, which I'm not sure I wanted to mess with just for a shoutbox (unless it is, in fact, easy, like phpbb).

Margo - I'll check those out!

EDIT: Looks like I might have to go the MySQL route. It's been a while. c_c;

Well, I think I'm turning this into a free-php-based-scripts thread, because I remembered I have yet to find a working "# people are online" script, or a text-based counter script, either. Or a news script that doesn't cost $50 to remove the "watermark" from.

Edit the second:

Xepher, why do shoutbox non-input areas (where the text is supposed to be) keep showing up like this for me? If I can figure that out, I could probably use one of my other shoutboard scripts that I thought had failed. (One of them almost worked, but instead only let me post once and/or failed to refresh. It also would go white if I changed something.)
And wasn't it you who told me,
"The sun would always chase the day"?


It's giving me an error about the shoutbox_load() function being undefined. That usually means you've missed a bit of code somewhere, probably something looking like <script type="text/javascript" src="shoutchat_files/shoutchat.js"></script> that needs to go in the HEAD section of the page. There could be more missing/wrong, but that error is the current show stopper. Look at the example1.html file that came with it, and you'll have to kinda play with it, and find/merge the bits that seem to matter into your existing page.

(FYI, I've never used/seen this program until 5 minutes ago, so feel free to point out to me if I'm wrong, or some instructions said differently, etc.)


best news script ever and it doesn't need mySQL at all  ;)


Oh yeah, I need to try to fix that shoutboard again. Almost forgot about this.

Margo, I use CuteNews already. It's pretty great. I just wish it didn't cost $50 to get rid of the "powered by" line. Or that its news archive didn't list out "1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9" and so on on the page when you have a lot of posts.

On another note: "current users online" script. I had one that used mysql/php and I did everything it asked, and for some reason it still screwed up horribly. I'll need to reinstall it before anyone can help yes, but it made me sad. Same with counter scripts.
And wasn't it you who told me,
"The sun would always chase the day"?