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a little piece of heaven

Started by tompouce, July 31, 2008, 07:29:09 PM

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Hi :)

As an old member of xepher, I know that it is now difficult to have free hosting here. You must have a complete website or project to submit, etc.

Last week, I had an idea, a project. I wanted to build a community forum like xepher. But the happy part is that we are about ten members now so it is pretty easy to have hosting from us. The goal is simple: nowadays it's pretty hard to have a good community with stable members, what I want is that. The idea is: I provide people with free hosting, moderate them because you know there will always be assholes who will try to hack you, etc. I pay for a server, only to provide people with free hosting. Because I hate paying for things, so I do not want people to pay neither, even if I do. There's no ads or such, only strong and fast performance for free.

We work with a karma system that is useful for separating useless users from useful users. In the coming months, I'll post prices and stuff to my most useful users.



Thanks for your time.


Generally speaking, advertising a "competing" service directly on the site of another is considered, at the very least, rude. Especially if you don't even try and get permission from the admin ahead of time or anything. See, the thing is, I've had this happen several times, and when people come to me first and mention they're doing their own similar service, and want to kinda advertise it here... I usually say yes. But just posting this without warning...

It sounds like your target audience is people that don't have the art or other skills to be accepted here, so in that sense it's not direct conflict of interest I suppose, and I was considering leaving your post as-is. However, you mention that in a few months you'll "post prices to my most useful users" which is at odds with the very concept of "free" and suddenly makes this more of a commercial advertisement, something I don't allow. As such, I'm gonna edit out your URL for now, at least until I get some clarification or what from you.

Other opinions on this are welcome as well.


Thanks for your comprehension.

By prices, I ment new permissions like having more rights, more database, etc... I won't throw iphones lol.

My goal isn't to make money, I won't even put a donation button on my website because I only want some people, a little and calm community with who everyone will be able to help each other.

Sincerely, I'm sorry about the fact that I never noticed you before. How thoughtless that was. I would understand if you would leave the url removed, and I won't even be frustrated because you helped me a lot in the past with your hosting.

And for the advertising part, I'm looking for open minded people who will be able to talk about anything that is on their minds. Not only artists, but "common people" (not that artists aren't common people (I'm a musician myself...)). And for the moment, to start the community I'm willing to give free hosting to everybody, it's sure that someday I'll be obligated to restrict my choices... but for now everyone who is willing to contribute to the community is accepted. People won't pay with posts or points neither, there or not they will have hosting, but their presence will just be more than appreciated.

Ah and don't take that for some hatefan or something, take that with honor. Because, if my goal is to do a community like it's because I admire it :) And also, I just don't want to "steal" your users, I just want to attract people coming from google who won't find their piece of mind here. (ex: common people who does not have already built website, etc..)

Again, thank you.

- Tom