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The "Yet Another Funny Video" Thread

Started by Xepher, September 27, 2005, 05:39:37 AM

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Just for the sake of novelty, let's avoid flash, and stick with actual videos this time.

Bear + Tree + (surprise) x Tranquilizer Gun = Comedy.

Bear + Salmon + (surprise) x Fisherman = Comedy.

Macintosh + Power User = Comedy.

And of course, Germans just = Funny!

Yes, it's german, but the song is Moskau and they're pretending to be russian. I actually have copies of two full albums from these guys. I just couldn't resist after seeing the video. The music is quite catchy.

Now we see how much my traffic stats spike after all these video downloads! :-)


heh, loved the mac thing. I'm guessing that all forms of computer are evil to the core though :P *braces for looooong lecture by someone on the superiority of mac/linux/PC/whatever*
And of course that bear duking it out with the fisherman. priceless. XD
I can't view the other movies fer some reason tho, the bear+tree thing came up as forbidden, and the german thing just never loaded. Shame, really. :(
I don't hate everyone, I'm just very, very disappointed in them.


Yeah, he set the permissions wrong on the bear video.  Try downloading it from  
I had to do some l33t h4><0rizing to xepher's computer to get a copy of that file.  Hope he doesn't mind too much...  ;)

The correct formula from the clip is "bear in tree + trampoline x tranquilizer gun = comedy"
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>.O I don't care what that news guy says, that looked PAINFUL.
But funny.
I don't hate everyone, I'm just very, very disappointed in them.


Looks like that bear could have broken it's neck how it landed. Poor thing.
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I fixed the permissions on the videos. All the original links should now work. Oh, and Will... the trampoline was the "surprise" bit in the formula!


I'm going to be killed for this, and I did like the mac video.  But I like macs.  I use them all the time with my students.  IntelliKeys+Mac=awesomeness in non-verbals.

IntelliKeys+PC=Me trying to rescue little computer bits from on the wall.  (after the non-verbals have put it there.)

Let the flaming upon me and my stupidity commence.
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actually I like PCs AND macs pretty much the same. You know, "like" in the sense that I respect them and pray to whatever god is bored enough to listen that they won't crap out on me, because I practically LIVE on my computer. (I have a PC btw.)

but yeah. don't hate the players, hate the game. or something like that. I think.
I don't hate everyone, I'm just very, very disappointed in them.


Nah, no hatred of macs here... well, not since OSX anyway. I mean it's really just unix undeath a lot of shiny. I like unix and shiny, so that's all good. Back in OS9 and earlier though... *shudder* Ooh... the evil! Cooperative multitasking? I mean, WTF? If you click on a menu and hold a mouse button down, the clock stops ticking! Seriously, try it. Look at the blinking clock on the thing, then open a menu and hold the button down. OS9 and prior were just horridly written pieces of software that didn't deserve to be called "operating" systems. I'd call them glorified calculators, but that would disparage a lot of excellant devices designed by engineers at Texas Instruments.

For the record, most of the same complaints apply to MS Windows before Win2000, the first (and likely the last) time MS wrote an OS that didn't completely suck.


Different OS's have their ups and downs. You'd probably prefer a Mac in terms of media and graphical development, Windows systems for Gaming, and Linux/Unix for security/servers.

It all depends on what the intended use of the system is. If you're going to use your computer to play games, use windows, plain and simple. No "emulation" software can ever compare to the original. I have yet to see my friends system be capable of running every game I can with the same ease and smoothness as on my windows system. And he's used so many versions of Linux I've lost count. He's also one of those people who's really good at recompiling the kernal and optimizing the living hell out of the system. There's a reason that games are written in DirectX and not OpenGL. Simply better preformance on the OS that's largest on the consumer market.

If you can ever get the major game companies to actually write their stuff using OpenGL and porting it to other OS's than Windows, then other systems can become gaming systems too.
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Yes, which is why I say "Thank God for machintosh!" Since there's no directx there, it makes game developers actually write in OpenGL. I'm quite glad that WoW supports openGL and thus it runs pretty good under emulation in linux. And then there are games like UT2004 and Doom3 that have native linux clients. Heck, they had native linux amd-64 binaries out only a couple weeks after the first athlon 64s came out. You could actually game in native 64 bit almost two years ago. Windows has only recently been released for 64 bit architecture, and as far as I know, the only game for it is the 64 bit version of farcry. And if you like playing older games (Quest for Glory, Monkey Island, etc.) linux does BETTER than windows. Dos emulation is flawless for most of those games, whereas getting them to work in a modern windows or mac is downright improbable.

Anyway, the OS debate here reminds me of an excellant article by Neal Stephenson.

In the Beginning was the Command Line

I'll quote the best bit of it here.
QuoteImagine a crossroads where four competing auto dealerships are situated. One of them (Microsoft) is much, much bigger than the others. It started out years ago selling three-speed bicycles (MS-DOS); these were not perfect, but they worked, and when they broke you could easily fix them.

There was a competing bicycle dealership next door (Apple) that one day began selling motorized vehicles--expensive but attractively styled cars with their innards hermetically sealed, so that how they worked was something of a mystery.

The big dealership responded by rushing a moped upgrade kit (the original Windows) onto the market. This was a Rube Goldberg contraption that, when bolted onto a three-speed bicycle, enabled it to keep up, just barely, with Apple-cars. The users had to wear goggles and were always picking bugs out of their teeth while Apple owners sped along in hermetically sealed comfort, sneering out the windows. But the Micro-mopeds were cheap, and easy to fix compared with the Apple-cars, and their market share waxed.

Eventually the big dealership came out with a full-fledged car: a colossal station wagon (Windows 95). It had all the aesthetic appeal of a Soviet worker housing block, it leaked oil and blew gaskets, and it was an enormous success. A little later, they also came out with a hulking off-road vehicle intended for industrial users (Windows NT) which was no more beautiful than the station wagon, and only a little more reliable.

Since then there has been a lot of noise and shouting, but little has changed. The smaller dealership continues to sell sleek Euro-styled sedans and to spend a lot of money on advertising campaigns. They have had GOING OUT OF BUSINESS! signs taped up in their windows for so long that they have gotten all yellow and curly. The big one keeps making bigger and bigger station wagons and ORVs.

On the other side of the road are two competitors that have come along more recently.

One of them (Be, Inc.) is selling fully operational Batmobiles (the BeOS). They are more beautiful and stylish even than the Euro-sedans, better designed, more technologically advanced, and at least as reliable as anything else on the market--and yet cheaper than the others.

With one exception, that is: Linux, which is right next door, and which is not a business at all. It's a bunch of RVs, yurts, tepees, and geodesic domes set up in a field and organized by consensus. The people who live there are making tanks. These are not old-fashioned, cast-iron Soviet tanks; these are more like the M1 tanks of the U.S. Army, made of space-age materials and jammed with sophisticated technology from one end to the other. But they are better than Army tanks. They've been modified in such a way that they never, ever break down, are light and maneuverable enough to use on ordinary streets, and use no more fuel than a subcompact car. These tanks are being cranked out, on the spot, at a terrific pace, and a vast number of them are lined up along the edge of the road with keys in the ignition. Anyone who wants can simply climb into one and drive it away for free.

Customers come to this crossroads in throngs, day and night. Ninety percent of them go straight to the biggest dealership and buy station wagons or off-road vehicles. They do not even look at the other dealerships.

Of the remaining ten percent, most go and buy a sleek Euro-sedan, pausing only to turn up their noses at the philistines going to buy the station wagons and ORVs. If they even notice the people on the opposite side of the road, selling the cheaper, technically superior vehicles, these customers deride them cranks and half-wits.

The Batmobile outlet sells a few vehicles to the occasional car nut who wants a second vehicle to go with his station wagon, but seems to accept, at least for now, that it's a fringe player.

The group giving away the free tanks only stays alive because it is staffed by volunteers, who are lined up at the edge of the street with bullhorns, trying to draw customers' attention to this incredible situation. A typical conversation goes something like this:

Hacker with bullhorn: "Save your money! Accept one of our free tanks! It is invulnerable, and can drive across rocks and swamps at ninety miles an hour while getting a hundred miles to the gallon!"

Prospective station wagon buyer: "I know what you say is don't know how to maintain a tank!"

Bullhorn: "You don't know how to maintain a station wagon either!"

Buyer: "But this dealership has mechanics on staff. If something goes wrong with my station wagon, I can take a day off work, bring it here, and pay them to work on it while I sit in the waiting room for hours, listening to elevator music."

Bullhorn: "But if you accept one of our free tanks we will send volunteers to your house to fix it for free while you sleep!"

Buyer: "Stay away from my house, you freak!"

Bullhorn: "But..."

Buyer: "Can't you see that everyone is buying station wagons?"


LMAO, oh so true. Don't get me wrong, I love Linux myself. But I'm not replacing the OS on my primary system with it. There is far too many things that I can do on my XP Pro system that I'd need to prectically relearn for Linux. It's not worth the time.

However, by saying that, by no means am I saying that Windows is superior to it or anything. Really... in terms of reliability, Linux is on top. But as a game developer I follow the direction of the consumer market. When I write games, I'd prefer to write them to be portable. Simply because I don't like to leave a portion of the market out of the loop.

I also understand that while I'm writing servers, never... EVER... write a server for any windows OS. It's simply not secure at all. On the flip side, the same holds true for all OS's if you don't keep up on updates, even Linux.
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I really want to switch to linux, but I am afraid.  As it is, I use open source (Which I love like whoa) but I have to go through a slight process to make it transferable to any other computer, because everyone I know, including the schools I work at, drive the station wagons.

And everyone is making me excited with their computer talk.
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I would love to switch to Linux, problem is I share my computer withthe  family, and it was confusing enough for my parents when I upgraded my Internet Browser.
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LOL.  That sounds like the whole Sped Department right now with our IEPOnline software.  I'm the only one that knows how to use it, but I don't write any IEPs.
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