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I Am An Idiot

Started by Xepher, September 30, 2008, 06:56:17 AM

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I wrote a new script to help me manage DNS on the server. Apparently I didn't test it enough, and it borked DNS a few hours ago, making the server unreachable for a good chunk of people. I've fixed it, but the TTL is 3600 seconds, so most of you aren't gonna see this for at least another hour or so. I'm just posting this to let you know why the outage occurred. Totally my fault. Sorry!


I was:

Getting a little worried...  :)

I can get here just fine but I still can't get into the website.  Guess I'll wait till morning to update the comics, but I'm glad it's nothing horrendous that's happened!



it happens with new scripts.
just look at any microsoft product and how many patches they need after its release lol