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TimeSpaz [application]

Started by 3eoclock, November 12, 2008, 10:03:33 PM

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UserName/NickName: 3Eoclock
Desired Web Address: http://timespaz.xepher.ner
e-mail: katrina.anjolie [at] gmail [dot] com
Site Title: TimeSpaz

The site I wish to own will be a personal art site to post my portfolio works, general works, short animations, web comics, tutorials and other things art-like I create.

The animations will be hosted elsewhere as to not take up too much space.

My work is currently hosted elsewhere, but I'd very much like to have a private hosting site to show potential employers, and anyone else who wishes to see a portfolio from me.

Thank you very much for the time, if you would like to see samples of my work you can reach me at my deviant art site located here:
tee.  dee.  dee.  dee.


What sort of experience do you have with web design? Unlike other free hosts, Xepher does not supply a web template of any sort, so you'll have to code it yourself and upload it via SCP. It would be lovely if you could show us an example of what your website would look like or at least what you're capable of doing. :)

I dig your style (the cover to Ippin is probably my favorite piece in your gallery), and although your comic is on the short side right now, there's already some visible improvement, so I would love to see you continue with it.
I'm so sorry about Bella, Jack.


I have some, but I have forgotten almost everything.

My best friend however is a web designer and already has a template made out for me.  I know how to edit code and everything so I can keep it up myself, it's just the actual start of it that I suck at. haha

You can see it here:

It will just need a few minor tweaks to it - such as name and art of course as this is somewhat old - but other than that it should be all ready to go.

And thank you very much for the compliment.  And yeah, the pages are old, I plan on redoing them soon as I have time - finals for college are coming up so my teachers are giving out work at light speed. haha :'3


Also I will probably need to make a new layout.  I'll make one ASAP.  I currently have a bus to design and an essay to write. haha later
tee.  dee.  dee.  dee.


Everyone seems to somehow miss this, but your username IS the same thing as your URL. That is, the format is "http://$ and the username has be to all lowercase.

But, other than that, your application looks pretty good. Your art is decent, and you say you've got someone to help you with the web design issues, so I'm going to approve this one. You need to let me know which username you actually want through, timespaz (as per the URL) or 3eoclock.


ahh~~ I always seem to miss something. Sorry about that. haha

Well, 3Eoclock would be very nice for me, so that I guess!  Thanks so much~!
tee.  dee.  dee.  dee.


Wow... I was going through the backlog here and locking old/dead applications. I just realized I totally overlooked this one. If you're still around/interested, let me know. I do apologize that I never got back to you.


Haha, it's ok.  People get busy all the time and forget things.  It is totally understandable.

But yea, if you don't mind I am still interested.
tee.  dee.  dee.  dee.


Alrighty then, you're in! I had to go with the username "timespaz" though, because I just realized usernames can't start with a number either. You should have an email with login info and instructions.


I see you're getting part of your site up, so I was taking a look at it. Saw your about page, and that you're in San Antonio just like me! I didn't realize really anyone else in this town had even heard of computers! :-)


Aha~ XD  Yep!

There are a few of us here and there.  We meet in an abandoned sewage drain 10,000 miles below the city once a month to talk about the newest string of code, flashy new computer skins, and of course - youtube video's.

It's a harsh life, but someone has to do it!
tee.  dee.  dee.  dee.