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My Fault!

Started by Xepher, November 15, 2008, 04:10:18 PM

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Sorry about the outage last night. I forgot to rotate the log files because of the whole trip to Ireland thing, and /var/log/ ran out of space, causing apache to bork. I've moved everything, and it's working now. Additionally, I finally scripted this to be automatic from here on out. That's something I meant to do over two years ago, but never found the 10 minutes to actually do until now. :-)


Ahh, okay, I was wondering what had happened.  (Not like I really understand the specifics!)  Thanks for fixing it though. :)
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I think everyone was wondering, but the slowness is totally understandable! Hope your trip is/was completely awesome and full of indescribable win.
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Ah, so that's what happened!
And now it inspired you to make that automatic code. Yay~!

Hee, are you still on your trip? Fixing things on the run! Amazing!
And wasn't it you who told me,
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No no, I got back from the trip a few days ago. The thing was I was supposed to rotate the logs at the start of the month, but I was leaving on the trip on the 2nd, so I forgot, and it finally ran out of space last night. In fairness, I actually hadn't done it last month either, because then I saw "eh, it can wait another month, it's got room." But yeah, it should be automated now, and hopefully this won't happen again.