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Started by sagebrush, November 16, 2008, 07:30:31 PM

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Okay, I want to build a sort of gallery site that shows 1) many single unrelated images, maybe grouped by subject, and 2) several different non updating comics [x pages of sequential art that should be grouped together somehow]. 

I've tried SomeryC and Wordpress/Comicpress so far, and I don't really like either of them.  I don't think I really need comments or a calendar or anything, but I'm not sure yet.  I could put a blog on it, but I don't know if I really want to do that or not yet.  I don't know enough to write my own system or do much in the way of modding the php itself, though altering the layout and CSS is no problem.  I can make minor coding changes if they're pretty obvious/intuitive.  My main concern at the moment is finding something reasonably light that works pretty well and isn't full of security holes or something horrible.

Oh yeah, I don't like Coppermine much either. 

What CMS should I try next?  ???


You could always try writing one.  :P
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Quote from: sagebrush on November 16, 2008, 07:30:31 PMI don't know enough to write my own system or do much in the way of modding the php itself,

But maybe someday.

I should sit down and think more about the architecture of it, though.  Maybe I can blunder through something IF I EVER FINISH READING MY PHP FOR DUMMIES BOOK...

I need James to come kick my ass about that. :p


I started cobbling a site together with regular html and some lightly modified php gallery scripts from  I didn't know how else to handle it since I want to display a number of sets of images that need totally different display parameters... if that makes any sense. It'll make more sense when I'm done. Whenever that is. :P


Heh... I know how those projects go. Easier to just do it than to try and explain it sometimes. Let me know if you get stuck and I'll be happy to try and help.


If you gave some examples of sites that're already kind of like this I might be able to offer some help!
I just made a site yesterday with a very customizable single-file php gallery. You miiight be able to pull off what you were talking about with it. Maybe.
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I can't think of any sites like this off hand, but I am using a simple script very similar to the single file one... in fact that very one may be one of several scripts I downloaded.

Now the trick will be working on it more than an hour a month.  :p


After reading something on a blog, I feel very old-fashioned. Since I've been coding each archive page of my comics manually for five years, and since there's lots of stuff that does all that for you now, I'm all, "guhhh, webcomic archive CMS, must have." But I don't really fancy Wordpress/Comicpress, either. In fact, I'd like something that allowed my archives to be almost exactly as they are now (without any massive renaming of files, reorganization, and so forth) in terms of layout, but with some kind of system incorporated to make it so I don't have to edit all those pages anymore. D: I'd almost use the Single File Gallery since I think I could manipulate it to my tastes, but IIRC its generated urls are ugly.

I have the feeling something like this was brought up in another thread around here, too...
And wasn't it you who told me,
"The sun would always chase the day"?


I was looking at doing something similar a while back, but ended up just building the whole thing myself, as that seemed easier than getting someone else's code to do what I wanted..

That said, you might want to take a quick look at

@Senshuu if you don't like ugly URLs, ModRewrite is your friend:


I'm seriously considering going to 'puter skool or somethin' now.  I was thinking I'd like to build databases to assist in big research projects for anthropology (Native American language dictionaries) and other sciences.


I'm thinking of coding, too. All those web developer jobs... I really wouldn't want to return to college just to do that, though. x_x (Even though... I think there's a DeVry 5 minutes from me, now? lol...)

Gallery probably couldn't do my comic archives the way I'd want them (and is a bit too much for my purposes anyway... took five minutes to unzip when I downloaded it for a look for someone else), but I finally installed Wordpress/WebComic+Inkblot for my archives. All is well!

I manipulated Single File Gallery to someone else's will, but I have the feeling I might go nuts trying to config it for a comic, lol.
And wasn't it you who told me,
"The sun would always chase the day"?