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Started by Azraelle, November 30, 2008, 06:32:07 AM

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Hello!  I've been hosting a webcomic through a different service, but well ... their service plans just keep getting more and more costly and ridiculous after each year, and essentially I'm paying for a bunch of things I don't really need (who ever needs 60,000 email accounts?).  All I want to do is run one flippin' webcomic.

Anyway, the comic's name is "Bristled" and you can currently find it hosted at but I can't guarantee it will be available there for much longer - my subscription is almost expired.  There are both HTML and PHP elements therein - I don't know much about PHP but I do have access to a frontend scripting system that is freely-downloadable from that is specifically geared for webcomics, and it seems to work very well (requires PHP and MySQL version 4 or later, only using one database so looks like we're cool there).  I do know a fair bit of HTML, so I'm able to customize the pre-built templates to suit my needs and visual identity.  Basically everything you see on the site was either done completely by me or is the result of the frontend - I've never needed anyone else to help me get my site working (yet).  I also create my own graphics, images, icons, etc.  I don't do vacuuming or windows.

The comic itself is an anthro slice-of-life comic (with some oogy-boogy thrown in for taste) revolving around the lives of three roommates, their co-workers, and the occasional ethereal presence.  The comic has received a moderate amount of attention, being a finalist for an Ursa Major award for 2007.  I've been doing the comic since Halloween of 2006, though real life does tend to interfere and thus a regular update schedule is something of a prickly pear - I started off updating once a week, then tried going to twice a week, and things sort of unraveled.  When I can get my site back up and running I do intend to get back to at least a once-a-week schedule.

I do have other samples of my art, including comic-related and -inspired images at My e-mail address is mebek19 AT yahoo DAHT com.

As for a username, either "azraelle" or "bristled" (being probably better-suited for the task).  I am currently looking into exactly how I might be able to transfer my purchased domain name to a different host, but we'll cross that bridge when the tide comes in.

Feel free to shoot any questions at me, anything you'd like to know that I haven't included here I'll be happy to follow up.
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Hey, awesome! A decent comic, with a decent history of updates and a decent amount of technical skill. That's all I've ever asked. :-)

This one's pretty much a shoe-in, but I just came off an 11 hour shift at work and I've had a cold for the past 3 days... I don't feel like setting up account stuff right now. I'll try and get to it tonight/tomorrow after I get some sleep, but poke me if I haven't gotten back to you by Tuesday morning.


Oh, by the way, it looks like the domain was registered to a Mebius... so as long as you've got the legal ownership there, it's a piece of cake to change the nameservers to ones, and then I can handle things from there.


I'm for it... ONLY IF YOU UPDATE!!!! :P

I've been following the comic for a while actually.

Oh, I also saw your Team Fortress 2 rendition of your cast, which gave me the idea to put my PSI crew into the same thing... only I didn't do mine until Halloween 2008. :P


Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly!  I just got an email from my current host saying the site expires in 48 hours (unless I shell out $119).

The "Mebius" you're seeing is me - that's my last name in the creepy real world.

As far as the account stuff, I'm not in a huge hurry to get it set back up - I'm just happy to have met your approval!   :)
I don't do daytime.


Ugh... somehow sicker today than on Sunday. Normally I'm over stuff by now.

Anyway, I've set up your account, and your officially in now. You should have an email with your login info. Do be sure to follow the instructions and get all your info into the system.


Great, thank you very much!  I'm in the process of collecting all my stuff together so hopefully it can all be uploaded with minimal problems.
I don't do daytime.