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This thread and it's title will show the current application status. Do NOT post a new application if it is closed.

Current Status: Open!

And only six months later than planned! :-)

That's right, it's open finally! I still have to rewrite some backend code to match the new layout *grumble* of the apache configs though.

Well, dang it. My hard disk on my personal computer crashed. This will further delay me in getting around to reviewing applications. On a casual glance though, I see several that look quite promising already. Please be patient though.

My luck never fails... I order TWO new hard drives. Put them in, turn on the computer, and things start locking up. One of the drive makes awful chirping/squeaking noises and throws dozens of errors. Looking deeper, it looks like my power supply is going bad. Replaced that and the drive is still bad. The second drive I'm testing now. It failed several self tests, but that could be because the computer kept locking up while it was being formatted.

Anyway, I'm typing this from the tiny laptop keyboard in the living room. I STILL don't have a functioning desktop, so it's gonna be a while before I start reviewing applications. As I said before though, a casual glance at some of them does show some nice art and such.

Okay, RMAed the new drives and got back two new-new drives. They work. I'm running on 'em now and it's shiny happy fun. Now I have to get around to rewriting a bit of the back-end code to meet the new apache config layout and after that I can start reviewing applications. Oh, and I just had an old friend move to town, and we're trying to find a large place to move to, and etc. Life is hectic. I wouldn't have it any other way!


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