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Wordpress displaying wrong post - weird problem. DISQUS to blame?

Started by amuletts, January 23, 2009, 04:26:56 PM

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Okay here's my weird problem.  On the front page I have a comic with commentary below it.  The comic is right, the title is right, however what is written thereafter is not the post for that entry, it is in fact that for the first page.  Now I've checked that I didn't accidentally write the same thing twice.  Nope, it should definately be different.

This only seems to be a problem on the index page.  It displays properly in the archive.

Another problem I have is that it does not seem to be counting the comments I receive.  There is just a comments link instead of it saying '1 comment' or '2 comments' etc.  I have recently installed the disqus plugin.  Could this be to blame?  Anyone else run across this kind of problem?


Okay - sorry it was my fault.  I wanted to ajust my navigation and apparently replacing this:

<div class="nav">
<a href="<?php echo $first_comic?>"><span style="letter-spacing:-4px;padding-right:4px;">I&#9668;&#9668;</span> First</a> | <?php global $wp_query$wp_query->is_single trueprevious_post_link('%link''&#38;#9668; Previous'TRUE); $wp_query->is_single false?>

with this:

<div class="nav">
<?php get_comics_navi(); ?>

(Which I stole from here).  I'm not sure why, but moving it to a different location has fixed it.

DISQUS is responsible for the non-comment counting though, because when I deactivated it the problem went away.  It seems to work okay on other sites using it though... any ideas?


The function may not have been defined before using it in the previous location.
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I see *collides with lampost*
Right I have managed to solve to DISQUS problem as well.  There is a ticky button for comment count under advanced options.  Everything is looking pretty now *glee*