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The World of P

Started by Pedes, March 16, 2009, 01:15:17 PM

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My name is Pedes. I'm a 24-year-old ethnolinguistics student, an artist and a writer.
I want to make a page: The World of P (I'm planning to get a domain sometime in the longer future, so if I got worldofp username it would be cool); a place where I could put my art gallery. I'm also considering to put there a serial webnovel I'm writing (not publishing yet); for now it will be a three-chapter short story*, but if I manage to get any audience on that I will write other stories (or rather: I will write them nevertheless, but only for the readers I will put them up).
For now I have a sketch of the portfolio page; it's very simple (only one page) because the host was a hassle to use and I could not install wordpress there. I'm not an expert on coding, but I can play with the templates and I had no problems using wordpress before (the host I was using put a terrible ads that broke all the templates, so I moved where I am now).
I also have a webcomic: I am NOT planning to move it here (both because I like smackjeeves for the community, need to build up a base of readers first and it will have some adult content (murders&sex)) although I'd like to have a big link to it on the page and will probably add some (safe) pages to the portfolio. I may want to put some short comics or even webcomics here in the future; depending on what life brings.
The part that is 100% sure is a gallery site with updates as I get new work :) I've got a DA gallery, but it turned out more like a wardrobe, where everything is clattered, socks with the suit... More like a playground than portfolio.

*A fantasy mystery with hints of romance between men. I'm pretty sure there will be no actual detailed adult scenes ; although there probably will be a suggestion of some (no graphic written porn scenes). I can post it somewhere else if it would be questionable. I'm not that far yet anyway.

[excerpt deleted as there were too many things I wanted to correct in it].

I forgot about the case of my deviantart account. It's a bit messy and there are some things that are obsolete, but I'd want them to stay there because I like them. But this makes using the account as a portfolio quote impossible; I would NOT want a potential employer to see that. Unless he's persistent and checks all the links. But as for primary portfolio: no.[/edit]

If you're not totally against, but not sure, I can try the challenge ;)

If it turns out OK... my e-mail is passer-by[at]


I apologize that I haven't gotten to this yet. Real life has kept me kinda busy, and all my time for has been spent on the new server and the move. I will get to things when I have the time.


I've looked at this app a lot and I just don't know what to say.  The art looks nice to me but I'm not sure about the writing.
"You can get all A's and still flunk life." (Walker Percy)


The writing is quite much a side project now (and this is a very rough version, but I did not want to put just a " "hey, I write things!" with no proof), as I am mostly engaged with the comic now; i just thought it's better to mention in in any case. I have a few stories that clatter around my head, mostly adventure with hints of fantasy; some of them are good for comics, some for prose. Nevertheless my priorities now are the webcomic and making a nice portfolio.


Okay, I like your art, but I just wanted to get a bit of clarification on what you ARE planning to move here. Art gallery and serial novel you said. Are you just planning to copy the site here, or is there more to that? I'm sorry, but I didn't see any examples of the novel or other writing. Maybe I overlooked them on one of the galleries?


Apart from the portfolio page - simple, clean and with selected works only - I'd want to make a personal art page: a place where I'd put more works along with some sketches, WIPs, comic pages, some older works for comparison etc. I would not have bothered you if I wanted to stay only with the simple portfolio :)

As for writing: There is a story I'm writing, but I'm rewriting the beginning now and I didn't want to post anything unpolished, that's why you can't find it anywhere. If you prefer to check it out before your decision then please wait a little, as I am in the middle of my finals and won't work on it before they end (which is in about two weeks).

I'm just writing to indicate that I didn't run away; I'm trying to wrap the beginning of the story nicely, but since I have a small comic gig it's eating most of my time so the rest is not coming along too fast. I'll let you know as soon as I have something to show.


Anything new yet? Just looking for an update here.


Actually, yes :)

After a long period I managed to choose and write the first paragraph. The rest will follow shortly, but the first paragraph is said to be the most important. I'm still not sure if that should be the opening part, but my friend said it works well as introduction.

Not to talk too much it's here:

I hope that gives you an idea of my writing style and that is good enough.

As a proof that I'm actually a writing person you can see my journal from scholarship (I've been on a scholarship in Germany since almost a month now; part of the day was due to moving, paperwork etc.) here: It's in Polish and that is why I was writing it much faster (also since it is a written reportage, not a fiction, and I let it be more messy).

There will also be a few art updates, but I need to get to a scanner somewhere as I don't have my own here.


I'm sorry, but I'm going to say no on this one. A single paragraph (while yes, important) isn't enough of an update to convince me you'd be able to maintain regular updates of content here. Sorry, but I wish you the best of luck elsewhere!


Yes, I can understand that that; I am myself really unhappy with my recent state of updates :/ There isn't enough to re-make my portfolio even, so I must say I agree with your decision XD

I'll be lurking around looking at the pages hosted on Xepher anyway;)