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Star Wreck

Started by Xepher, October 02, 2005, 07:34:02 AM

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Bizzare, but one of the better looking fan-films I've ever seen. Full length movie, free to download.

Favorite quote:
"It's a passable day to die."
--Lieutenant Dwarf


I'll be watching it soon - Bittorent's giving me a 30 minute download time (High speed internet rocks).  Wonder what it'll be like.
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I started watching it... pretty strange, but quite amusing. It's pretty impressive for being home made. :D


The CGI was so cool... It's really hard to believe it's a fan project, just because of the quality of the CGI.  The movie itself was amazingly funny (I kinda enjoyed how stupid Fukov was).  Now I just need to figure out how to lower the quality and stuff on it so I can fit it on my PDA and watch it at school (what else is French class for?)
What are you looking here for?