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Hey there all.

Started by Kylo, March 31, 2009, 12:27:46 AM

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I didn't see any particular threads or boards for making intros, so I hope posting it here is OK.

So anyway, the name's Kylontario, but you can just call me Kylo for short. I'm an artist, writer, wannabee comic writer (I've tried one comic in several ways but didn't get far, and the other I did is just a sprite comic), game programmer, and on very sparse occasion animator. Yeah, I do a lot.

I joined this reason for two forums: one, I'd like to move my site over to a new server since Freewebs is a pain and I can't afford anymore space, and two, the people here seem nice so I'd like to make some friends here.

Apart from making games and drawing and other above, I like playing Bomberman, although when I play online I tend to get fragged a whole lot. I also like reading other people's comics, and have considered writing reviews.

One thing that gets me miffed beyond most anything else is when people write these totally awesome stories and give them a crappy ending. I can understand canceling a comic because you can't do it anymore, but saying the middle of the story is the official end and leaving tons of plot lines open and at cliffhangers.... I think I'll stop before I get into a rant. But you get it.

Hmm.... Not sure what else I should put here right now. I guess I'll go buzz around a bit and get to know people until I get the courage to apply for a site. If you guys have any questions, go ahead and ask. I'll answer as best I can.


I don't get why people keep thinking we're nice here. We're terrible people.

...Well, I'm terrible people anyway.

That aside, I suppose welcomes are in order, so...welcome! I'm going to be the one ripping apart your application, if and when you post it. :D
I don't hate everyone, I'm just very, very disappointed in them.


Welcome!  If you've got an active site, I'd go ahead and apply anyway.  Even if you get turned down the first time, there's always room for improvement and reapplication.  And it's been a while since Ticky tore someone a new one. :P

Although Ticky's not really that mean.  Succinct, maybe.  Anyway, welcome to the forums. :)
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You're terrible "people" huh? GG grammar. :D

Welcome Kylo!
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Helloooo Kylo! I have never played Bomberman for some reason. I probably should, huh?
And wasn't it you who told me,
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Hello and welcome.

That is all.


Welcome Kylo. Yeah, freewebs is a pain :p It sounds like you are the sort of person Xepher is for so you should definately apply. Don't write off your previous attempts at comics - it's all practice and all valuable. Good comics finishing half way upsets me too. There're a few I used to follow that disappeared from the web entirely! I still search for them every now and then, hoping for a rebirth. More people should encourage and support their webcomic artists! I'm sure a lot of them just get depressed. Anyway, have fun buzzing around Xepher.