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[Music] - Three Little Pigs

Started by tapewolf, April 02, 2009, 03:29:06 PM

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If anyone is interested, I've finally completed my somewhat-overdue fifth album, Three Little Pigs - A Tale of Vengeance.  This is a 1970s-prog rock effort written and recorded by myself.

Since my main site is eating up a lot of bandwidth simply by existing, I've put the MP3 files onto a mirror site, at least for now.  I was tempted to use the space on my xepher account, but since it's primarily for the comic, that seemed a bit mean :P
If possible, try to use the Jamendo bittorrent thing when it becomes available - hopefully in a few days.

Here is the link:

The cover art was done by Keaton, and I have Turnsky (Foxfire Chronicles) to thank for the new logo.  There's also some art from my own Project Future comic on the inlay.

Guest vocals include James Rolls as Daniel Ti'Fiona on "The Death of a Thousand Splices", Jairus as Bill Clinton and Tezkat as the news anchorman.  Mastering was done by Alex Balzama at Swift Audio Solutions, London.

A PDF version of the cover with full lyrics and liner notes can be found in the link above.

The bulk of the album, the first 'side' is a concept piece about the children's story.  Basically I started out with the premise of "Why might the wolf have a good reason to break into the house?" and the result was a set of songs that turn the story on its head.  The track titles were shamelessly inspired by Roger Glover's 'Elements' album.

In some ways I'm a little unnerved by it... the resulting suite is probably one of the darkest pieces of music I've put together and the flipside of the album doesn't really balance it properly.  I've made a vow that the next album will be happier.

I think one of my favourites on this album is "The next, a pig on fire".  This started out from a sample of Bill Clinton's infamous "I have sinned," speech, later replaced for copyright reasons.  It took some time for me to find a suitable replacement voice, but I have Jairus to thank for that.  Thanks also go out to Tezkat for his newsreading on the same track.

As usual for me, there is a song inspired by Amber Williams' DMFA comic, this time 'The Dark Price of Eternal Youth', which deals with the quandary any incubus or succubus is likely to face, whether to slowly age and die, or prolong your already generous lifespan by stealing the souls of others.  This is a central theme in my webcomic 'Project Future', from which the illustrative picture of Jakob is taken.  Thanks Ren, for all you've done to make it possible.

All tracks were recorded on 8-track tape at 15ips except 3, 5 & 8, which were  recorded 16¬≠track using two synchronized tape machines.

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