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Started by Kylo, May 06, 2009, 12:08:59 AM

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USERNAME: kylontario

SITE TITLE: Kylontario
(yeah, it's all the same)

EMAIL: kylontario [at] gmail [dot] com

What I plan on doing with the site are two things: First, I would host my comic and artwork on there, along with information of my characters and stories. The other thing is to host my games. Some games may be made in Flash so they'd be playable right on the browser, but others will be my work in Game Maker. Most games don't usually get over 10mb each, if that helps.

Aside from those two main parts, there will also be a contact page, links to other sites, a news page, and a character blog just for fun.

My current site is hosted at As you'll see there, I already have a bunch going on, but it's also going to be redone a bit if I'm able to transfer to this host. My old comic is also available there, and hopefully it'll give some insight into what I'm going to do if I get the space.

More of my art, along with my most recent updates, can be found at

I'm not sure if what's there is really enough, and I'd also like to keep things interesting, so I'd like to take the Challenge as well. I think this'll help me get better set up, and also help me to sort of proof read my plans if I'm being questioned by someone else.

EDIT: Just a notice I thought was important. I don't have any internet connection at home, and it's now summer break for me, so the time I can get online will be seldom. I'll try to get on as much as possible though. I don't know how that effects the application, but I hope it doesn't. Sorry.


Hi Kylo,

I do like your art & feel that you will go far if you keep at it!

Now this website... have you been coding it by yourself & are you familiar with SSH type uploading onto a website? That will be a really important piece of dwelling here.
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I did code the website myself, but I have no idea what SSH is.


This will probably come out sounding wrong, but honestly, I like your DA page better than your website.  It hurts my eyes and there's a huge scrolling on every page (Firefox 3.5.1) and I don't like having to download your comic in a zip, although I feel that's a space/bandwidth problem and not necessarily by choice.  But on your DA page, your non-comic drawing looks pretty darn good to me (Squirrel's Branch, Ember Hiding in particular) and you can see an evolution in style, which is nice.  The 3D stuff is pretty cool too.

But I'm just not getting into the comic.  I like squirrels, comics (Japanese and US), and video games, but I'm not sure I like all 3 in the same comic.  Major points for 73 page longevity, but the sudden switch from hand-drawn, to a hand-drawn/video game mix, to a complete video game comic turns me off.  Will the new comic be a mix like before, or will you settle on a style and stick with it?
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I'm sorry it took me so long to get to this... especially as I feel I have to say "no" on it. I just didn't find anything coherent enough to warrent farther merit. Best of luck to you though, and, as always, you're welcome to reapply in the future (6-12 months) if you feel you've made significant improvements.