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Weekly Sketch Project

Started by fesworks, May 12, 2009, 08:46:35 PM

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I'm going to attempt to do ONE sketch a week starting in June. Mondays.

I'll be looking for a few requests, as well as working on some old "IOU" arts.

You may go here for more information:

Celtic Minstrel

Quote from: fesworks on May 12, 2009, 08:46:35 PM
as well as working on some old "IOU" arts.
I recall a while ago you were offering to draw people's characters for BSDF... which seems to have died, but whatever. I suppose that offer is probably dropped by now?


There are a couple that I said I'd draw before, yes.... have I done them, no... partly from being busy, and partly from not really having something to go off of, other than a description.... which is tougher for me when it comes to draw someone's character essentially from scratch... it takes a lot more time and work than if I already had some art to really go off of.

For now, I'm not really taking any requests, and just doing what I feel like sketching or such, when I can.

I should probably at least sketch or draw busts of the two I already said I would, but I'll have to find said descriptions.

Sorry :/