Author Topic: Other things possibly having to do with mod_rewrite  (Read 7443 times)

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Other things possibly having to do with mod_rewrite
« on: May 27, 2009, 11:49:49 pm »
Forgot what other thread I asked things in. Should probably start using bookmarks more efficiently...

Anyway, I was wondering if it's possible to...

- use mod_rewrite to hide certain directories in a URL?

To give an example, and this might be terribly convoluted to begin with, but I made it so that


can be accessed through


but sometimes (through my wacky old news system, dur) you can see the /mil/ directory pop up in the url's rewritten form, like so:


Awfully redundant, huh?
I'd like to be able to phase that out of any generated url! But it's probably not possible.

Of course, it's not like the main rewritten url,, is a redirect of, and if I wanted it to be, things would get convoluted real fast with redirects here and there... So I guess I wouldn't be able to "hide" parts of URLs like directories, would I?

I hope this makes any sense. I feel totally silly for asking at all, and yet my curiosity goes wild, and my searches rarely yield anything I can get without reaaally going into this (and possibly learning a whole bunch of things I didn't intend to). XD

- I think my other question was going to be something more relating to redirects, but uh. Suddenly I don't feel the need to ask. Hehe.

EDIT: Yes, after some experimentation, I see I'd be basically redirecting a file to the same file, which is... not possible, and also dumb. XD
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