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(Project 1) New Shifter Archive Story Compilation

Started by fesworks, July 30, 2009, 09:00:48 PM

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This is from the other thread, but I'll try to recap it.

Basically, I would like to comprise a small book (24-52 pages) for Print on Demand, that would have short stories of Jenny Everywhere adventures. No "intro" comics (except for maybe one), but I would like to focus on what she does, not who she is... if you know what I mean.

If we can get some of the existing stories in this, that would be great! But it is not very likely since contact with a lot of these people is almost nill, or they may not be interested in a group compilation.

Speaking of which, since this would be a group compilation... especially with a Print on Demand service, a profit margin would likely be, well, ridiculous. So I would suggest that any markup would go to The Shifter Archive for advertising costs (like advertising the book for sale, or buying more books for a convention or such).

Though everyone that is involved would be able to buy X amount of books at the base price, and could sell their own copies for a pre-determined set price for all. (like when people to go conventions, or sell to people they know).

I'll ALSO entertain the idea of including written stories... like 1 or two, depending on length... I'd recommend SOME art to go along with the story(ies) if possible. I might know some artists that may work (for pay) that would not mind drawing a few pages.

Speaking of pages, I would like to keep these as short stories... maybe keep comics at about 8 pages?

As far as rights to peoples work and such, The Shifter Archive will not presume to own anyone's work in this compilation. You could even sell/distribute minis of your including comic/art/story if you want (no exclusivity required)

I'm open to ideas on all aspects of this... even non-story inclusions like Art, Games or Puzzles or something.


I think this is an awesome idea.  A project like this could really show people the potential of Jenny Everywhere, and maybe lead to a more widespread use of the character.


I am big on this idea, but as I mentioned during our other attempt I'm not much in the way of drawing. I have since then bought a drawing tablet and I am trying to bulk out the comics section on my Book of PDR*, but I still lack the kind of talent that I would like to see in this book. Maybe I could do a single page story (and maybe a prose one with an illustration as well), but otherwise would it be okay if I wrote some scripts and then put them up here so that anyone willing to draw them could do so? I have one pretty much written and I could probably get some more done if I ever took the time to sit down and do it.

The idea of including mazes and activities and stuff is awesome, by the way.

*By the way, once I get it all settled out I'll be changing the location of my Jenny Everywhere strip already on the site, so I'll try to remember to let Fes know so that he can change the link on the Shifter Archive.

Knight Random

What happened to this, anyway?  Are people just too busy?  If so, I can certainly understand, being a grad student and all.  But I'd be willing to write a script or a story if this thing goes through.


Well, I personally got busy, and no one else really showed any interest (not enough people at the very least).

Maybe once I get the site all redesigned, it will be easier to keep things up and going.


Too bad this is on hold--such a great idea. If it ever gets rolling again, I would contribute something--maybe a story, since I probably write better than I draw.

Florian R. Guillon

Hope this project will finally come to life soon. I'd be more than happy to contribute if need be.

El Presedente

Yeah I'm alot more confident in my art now than I was when this project started. I'd love to do strip specially for it.


I was hoping for more comics, rather than written stories last time, and I still am. Written stories would just eat up too much of the book, as the cost per page would not change for a comic book. So it's not practical. No offense to the writers.

I am still interested in this idea, and would like to keep things as shorts, still. Like 4-8 page short comic stories.