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"Database Error"

Started by AbbyL, October 02, 2009, 01:55:41 PM

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I had a friend install wordpress onto the hosting here, and then I waited a couple of days and tried to log on to work on it, but now it gives me a notification saying "Database Error" and the wordpress admin page won't load up either. It's at and I'm hoping you can help me out. Thanks!


Well, what username/password are you using to connect to the database? Do they work when you try them directly at ? Is the database name the same as your username?


I'm pretty bad at this stuff to be honest. Neither the username/password to get into admin or the username/password I was using to get into wordpress work in that login. I registered a wordpress ID to use wordpress that's different from the username I put down for the application. I don't really know from databases at all, sorry :( And my friend doesn't know what the problem is either.


Login to and reset your password to something new. It'll force a refresh of the database password as well. You'll then connect using the same username/password as when you upload files, and the database name will be the same as your username. If that doesn't work (after you reset the password) let me know. Make sure to include your username, since "AbbyL" isn't a registered user. :-)