Author Topic: PSI is back! Updates 3 strips a week!  (Read 4466 times)

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PSI is back! Updates 3 strips a week!
« on: January 09, 2010, 04:39:26 pm »
Well, I've been back since late October (and updating consistently!). After  a computer fiasco effing the previous return from Hiatus, I has started again!

The plan is this:

Update 3 Strips a week at minimum. The PLAN is to update M-W-F... however, if I have an update that may need 2 strips, or a whole page, I'll update twice... on Tuesday and Friday.... the end result is that there will still be at LEAST 3 strips WORTH of updates a week.

If I miss Monday's update, you can bet that I'll be updating Tuesday and Friday.

I'm hoping to avoid single update weeks, but if I do, it should be a full page (aka 3 strips stacked).