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DD Menu Headache

Started by harkovast, January 11, 2010, 04:45:17 PM

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When I try to click the links on your comic on DD, the links seem to go really crazy, shifting position as they get highlighted.
This feature is really irritating and makes the buttons hard to use.
I would strongly reccomend getting rid of it.


I.... have no idea what you are talking about o_O

For me, they are static. They are simply image links, that link to the main site (because the said pages do not exist on the Drunk Duck site). They should not be jumping around. I have no idea what could be causing that.... what browser are you using?

Ok, just checked with Internet Explorer... yeah. Stop using Internet Explorer... Runs fine in FireFox, as it is supposed to... I'll double check the code to see if I can try and prevent it, but it looks like it's something Internet Explorer is having a fit about.


Ok, I don't know WHAT the real issue was... or WHY, rather, it was behaving that way.

I found that a simple fix was removing the "on-hover" link commands... which I have not touched in over a year, if I did at all.

You are the first to tell me about this.

IE still sucks ass.