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Coming up in February - April 2010

Started by fesworks, January 16, 2010, 04:08:31 PM

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Well, really, January and through April.... though specific dates and ranges may actually vary, depending on a few factors.

Some of this may be a ******* SPOILER ******* but, honestly, I really don't say what specifically happens.

Presently, if you've been reading and paying attention, there are a few running storylines... or groups of people with things going on. In addition to various weeks that will be entirely character sheets (new character profile art, to help me buy time in drawing) here's what's coming:

- Finishing off the last few scripts I wrote last summer. This should conclude the main mall scenes with Fes, Ernst, and Bodil, and then also a couple other characters.

- We'll be looking at Jenny, Scale, and Nemi in Magical Misfits (just in my comic), not a simultaneous crossover, but still a direct crossover because Nemi, Jenny, and Scale do show up in Magical Misfits at said Baby Shower. It's short (in MM's version), but it does happen. Also, more was supposed to happen, but, obviously, I'm incredibly behind, because we WERE supposed to have some sort of simultaneous crossover.

- Back to Fes and Ernst, and Bodil.

- Fes, Ernst, Bodil, and Nemi all get back together. Things should finally start to settle down almost complete from the past couple years of involved crossovers (essentially the majority of loose-ends should be tied up.)

Though I think I can get all of this done BY April, I did not check my scripts to actually count them out... plus I'm also planning on having un-planned scripts that pop-up because they work just right. It's also possible I may take a week off and upload PSI art instead of strips for a week here and there, if I feel I need more time to draw the more involved strips that come later.

I'm still committed to at least "3 strips worth" a week, even if I can't make 3 separate updates.

Also, I'm still looking for Questions about PSI or it's characters to answer. There's a thread in this forum for that.