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Started by Icalasari, March 20, 2010, 10:07:10 PM

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Username: furtigo
Reasoning: It is the title of my comic, and I figure it would reduce confusion for readers

If that Username is not acceptable:

Alternate Username: icalasari
Reasoning: Same thing as my Forum Username

Email: eric_west at ymail dot com

Description: It would be used to host my webcomic Furtigo. It is fairly new (As in two issues new), however I have scripts ready for the next five comics in the current arc, I know where the current arc is headed, and I have ideas for filler between arcs

As for convincing you, well, I imagine that will be hard, with the lack of comics. If you would like, I could send you the scripts I have yet to make into comics, the plot of the first arc, and info on all of the characters. I'm currently on Web Comics Nation, but it is fairly restrictive

As for the whole general idea of Furtigo is that it takes place on an alternate version of Earth, where anthros and humans both live. Naturally, there is tension between the two groups, enough that a group of seven anthros decided to open up a shelter, despite being in their early teens. The story starts with them in their late teens/early twenties

The shelter, called The Home for Wandering Anthros (HoWA for short), started out as a simple house in a small town north of the American/Canadian border, but over 4 to 5 years, it grew in size as anthros, thankful for shelter, began donating. It has since become a well known place among anthros, where they can go if they need help, whether it is because of losing a job or a bad day, depression or persecution, or even if they just need a place to hide from the rain, it is open to all anthros

The three founders are Eric West, a fire magician who had a nasty experience with a failed spell, turning him into a phoenix anthro, letting him know how both sides feel, Jane Sawyer, a 2-3 foot tall Skunk anthro who is quite intelligent and puts her studies to good use, and Megan, a Panther anthro born in Brazil who happens to be fairly promiscuous, despite her also being fairly bright herself

Other main characters include Luna Lockwood, a Wolf anthro who takes a motherly role among the cast, despite having a wild streak, leading to a few failed attempts at consolling some of the guests, Wolf the Half Werewolf whose mother disowned him at a young age, leading to him having low intelligence and learning how to fend for himself, Amber Langley, a three inch mouse anthro who happens to be a daydreamer and diagnosed with ADHD, and Kristy, a Crystal Bird (explained below) with violent tendencies

Now, Crystal Birds are a member of a species called Cryscon. This version of Earth has the occasional dimensional rift. Not too much of an issue, as most of the time it merely leads to some variation of anthro or human that helps to expand the genetic possibilities. However, it has lead to the odd case of very alien creatures coming in, such as birds that look like they are made of crystal. It isn't a major point, more or less just a side thing that is left open in case if I decide to do an arc or two on it.

In fact, beyond the magic, occasional rifts, and anthros, the main focus of the comic is more or less the interactions of a group of characters in a world that still hasn't quite shaken off things such as racial, religious, or sexual persecution, just to name a few things. It is a humourous comic, but occassionally has a few darker moments

Now, I am sure you are thinking that Eric may be a little Gary Stuish. I thought of that, and worked out the kinks over quite a length of time. For starters, the whole accident was due to him being a bit cocky and thinking that, just because he knew how to make fire using magic, he could summon a phoenix. As for limitations, he is essentially my author avatar, so he has a few disorders (Aspergers being the big one), leading to things such as him being very intelligent, but only if the subject interests him, which results in a lot of selective stupidity moments. Also, he is physically weak, so he doesn't stand a chance in hand to hand combat. He can come back to life, but only once every 48 hours. Also, he is unable to use his magic or come back if it is too damp or cold, limiting him quite a bit

I don't know much coding myself beyond HTML (I do know how to code a functioning website in HTML. However, since Geocities closed down, I have no clue where I could set up a site as an example), but my friend has offered to help out with the technical side of everything, while I deal with the art and story. If you want any more information, just say the word and I will provide everything from what the first arc is about, to all finished scripts, to character bios, etc. If you want examples of his coding, I will provide it ASAP. If you want samples of my coding, well, you may have to suggest a way for me to post it

For creativity... Would a whole region, two religions, a dozen pages of mythology, a language, and over a hundred different creatures all made for a card game that I am still developing count? Because if so, I would be glad to post it all here. Mind you, you will be reading for quite a while as a result

Due to the lack of actual comics I have, I would like to take The Challenge


Comic is a fantasy/comedy dealing with the life of a small group of friends running a shelter. It explores some social issues in the world. The comic only has two issues so far, but I have scripts set up and the arc planned out. As for skill, I am not too good with Photoshop but pretty decent with pencil. For creativity, I have a fairly fleshed out card game with mythology, languages, maps, creatures, etc. I have some skill with HTML, but for the most part, I would be entrusting my friend with coding. I would like to take the Challenge due to lack of material involving my comic. I realize that I likely won't get a spot this time, but it doesn't hurt to try

Thank you for your consideration, and I hope to be able to host my comic on your site. If you decide that I still haven't established myself well enough to get a spot on this site, then I understand and thank you anyways for taking the time to read all of this


You said you have two issues on web comics nation already... you should start by linking or showing us those.


Ok. I didn't figure out the shift + brush = straight line feature of Photoshop until the second comic, so if you are wondering about the quality change:

Sorry I took a little while there to respond. I was working on the third comic (still am)

As stated before, I can provide scripts if needed. I can also provide other samples of my artwork (I'm a whole lot better at drawing than I am at digitally inking x.x I don't have a tablet, so yeah, that causes issues. Hoping to get one in late October/early November)

EDIT: Issue three is now up. Looks like I MAY have to redo issue one JUST so that it doesn't look so horrible ;.;

EDIT 2: ...The application is not going very well for me, is it?

And god damnit, thanks to failing calculus, I may have to drop this application for now anyways and pick the comic back up after April


Sorry I was slow in getting back to this... the whole fiasco with the server move made me forget there were apps pending.

To be honest... three comics just isn't enough to go on. I'm afraid I have to say no for now. If you're still at it in six months, you're welcome to reapply then. Best of luck to you!