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Applications / Synthetic Rice
« on: October 14, 2005, 07:29:58 pm »
Planned Username: FrodoBaggins455

Hey, I'm FrodoBaggins455. I'm new around here, but I've seen some webpages hosted by xepher, and I thought the idea of an art focused independent webhost was a pretty sweet idea, so I thought you might be a good match for my site.
Synthetic Rice is an already exisitng site at, so if you want to see what I would be putting up here potentially, feel free to stop by and look around. My current webhost can't run the site anymore, so I sort of have to move sometime in the near future. I additionally am a regular at if you want to see additional work. My site is primarily an art/webcomic site where I run my main webmanga 'Dream Sequence' and will soon be running 'Alternate', my other webmanga, of which there is a 2 page preview. Dream Sequence is a fantasy manga focusing on the transition between concious and subconcious identities and will probably get substantially darker as I delve more into Takashi's past (it won't get beyond a PG-13, I assure you). Alternate is an anti-utopian manga about Toshiki, a member of the Red Youth army who understands the lies society is manipulating to control the New Proletariat. His partner Kei is somewhat of a unique character, so I won't reveal to much about him now.
I am particularly interested in xepher as it is ad-less (a definite plus, I think ads detract from the overall aesthetic of a webpage and are above all, annoying) and it would give me enough room to write and post my webcomics in the fashion I would like them to be presented without compromising storyline or quality.

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