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Applications / Gene Catlow (possibly!)
February 18, 2010, 09:32:44 PM
Hello Xepher :)

Sorry for the spamblocker speedbump, I haven't much choice if I want to keep my email under control. I had mentioned on LiveJournal that I might be looking for another host site for my
webcomic and I heard from Witchiebunny that you would be willing to provide exactly such a
service. Indeed, she said that you were familair with my work and that I could consider myself
"preapproved" for hosting. While I admit I have not yet made up my mind I did want to take the
time to thank you for holding my work in such high regard. It really is an honor. :)

I read your FAQ about advertising, and it specified that the only ads that you were considering
were from AdSense, AdWords and Project Wonderful. I may have one or two other companies to
consider for advertising revenue, was the ist a conclusive one? If ADSDAQ and/or Burst are not
permitted, I would need to know before making my decision.

Thanks once again for taking the time to consider my comic!