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Applications / Portfolio Website!
« on: May 14, 2010, 02:45:54 am »

Username: Swan

Site Title: Stephanie Swanson

E-Mail: sswanson [at] g [dot] risd [dot] edu

The site, if I am approves, would be used as a classier portfolio site than the one I already have. I am looking to present a professional image as I am a rising senior at the top art school in the US. I do surface designs, patterns, digital illustration, narrative illustration, cut-paper work, and costume design.

You can see my current website at:

I would be adding new material very often, as I am always making art. I’ll also be moving some of the pieces on my site to the new site.

But all in all, I would just like to make my site look as nice as possible. I hope you approve my application! Thanks!

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