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It's that time of the year again! Jenny celebrates her special day with hopefully many renditions, drawings and remakes from all over the internet. Last year it was a record-breaking amount of submissions.
Here's the official tumblr with instructions
Hope to see you there!

Pictured here is a more old school inspired Jenny Everywhere along with recent creations Jimmy Wherever and Jenny Anywhere.
Feel free to share it, it's also on tumblr:
I did a new pic of the Jenny Everywhere supporting character, Jenny Anywhere:

She was recently created by Carter-Ethan Rankin over on the PDSH Wiki, and I took the liberty of picking some colors for her.

Supporting characters have been supplied for her in the past, but I think this is the first time someone actually declared those public domain as well.

I myself have used her only once before, here:
Hello true believers,
I've started serializing Tales To Behold 3 on The Beholder, for you all to read.
Featuring the return of Armagedda! Reverse-robberies! Insect-people! Captain Evening! Jenny Everywhere! Villains! Much more and– witches go dancing!

Here are the first 6 pages in order:

If you can't wait to see how it all unfolds of the next 2 months, and make me a very happy Beholder, you might even consider purchasing the entire book here:

It's hand-made with block-printed color elements. For $6, you get 48 pages of comics!
Before the month is over, Bird Cage Bottom Books even has a special, if you order for $15 or more.
For the coupon, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page:

But no pressure– in the meantime, hope you'll enjoy the story!
Shameless Plug:
The Beholder's printed books are now available from
They are all handmade, digest size and with block-printed elements on the covers.

Tales To Behold 1-3 describes how Captain Evening is gathering a team called The Odds around himself, in every story a new character joins him.
Starting with Jenny Everywhere in Tales #1, in issue #2 it's Merv The Griffin and The Living Skeleton aka the Worst Man In The World, and in #3 The Blue Knight joins them.
Meanwhile, an unknown force seems to recruit all their enemies and opponents they encounter, which leads to a grand finale in the upcoming Tales To Behold #4, to be released in Fall 2013.

Journey Into Misery is a sister-series taking place in the same universe and sharing some of the same characters and a lot of unnecessary nudity.
It's fascinating to see the different incarnations of our favorite dimension-shifting, toast-loving open source character. I wanted to pay tribute and homage to some of the versions out there, by redrawing their designs with my own line...

Here is my attempt at Jenny Everywhere Blue,
from Gwendolyn Patton's Jenny Everywhere Infinite: QuarkTime
In this comic alone, there are many different versions of Jenny

Here I took on JennyDavid, Jenny merged with her boyfriend into a powerful being,
from the classic story Soulless Mate, which written by Alex Hernandez, with artwork by Scott D. M. Simmons

And finally, something that might be not quite safe for work, even though it's utterly harmless:
This is my drawing of Jenny's incarnation in the naturist comic The Bare Pit, whose version has had the most influence on my own Jenny.
The Bare Pit is created by Steven Crowley, who'll hopefully find the time to resume the strip next year.

All rights for these specific designs are of course with the individual creators.
Hope you liked these– I might do some more soon.
THE BEHOLDER is taking the liberty of posting a little reminder:
Another Jenny Everywhere Day is almost upon us.

Still time to get a contribution ready!
Jenny Everywhere: The Shifter Archive / BEHOLDER Blog
November 30, 2011, 11:30:28 PM
Greetings, earthlings! A new story has just begun on the Beholder Blog, and your favorite dimension-shifting character is one of the main protagonists...[/ftp]
Thank you for visiting my dimension!