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A new tribute to Jenny Everywhere; i do sometimes wonder: Whatever happened to her? If you see any new works using our favorite Open Source Character, make sure to post it here.

Not sure if anyone is still reading this thing, but I figured It doesn't hurt to do a little post every now and then.

Wanted to let you all know that I've now also added Jenny Nowhere to the mix on my Tales To Behold Webcomic.

And here are a few renditions on tumblr, too!
These are awesome! Thanks for posting them!
I love that Octobriana is also part of it. Is Neeta your own character?
I'm not sure if this one got in– another one from Deviant Art!
Here's my piece for this year's Jenny Everywhere Day.
See more of the contributions on the tumblr:

It's that time of the year again! Jenny celebrates her special day with hopefully many renditions, drawings and remakes from all over the internet. Last year it was a record-breaking amount of submissions.
Here's the official tumblr with instructions
Hope to see you there!

Pictured here is a more old school inspired Jenny Everywhere along with recent creations Jimmy Wherever and Jenny Anywhere.
Feel free to share it, it's also on tumblr:
New image that I commissioned, featuring Jenny Anywhere with some of my original BEHOLDER characters:

Bigger image on tumblr:
First time drawing this dude: Jimmy Anytime is from the Jenny Everywhere family of Open-Source characters. Originally an evil clone of Jimmy Wherever, he then partnered up with Jenny Anywhere. More about these complicated matters soon...

His basic power is he can shift through time. He was created by Carter-Ethan Rankin
The Jenny Everywhere version from the naturist comic The Bare Pit, along with some fellow dimensional travelers (NSFW):
Public Domain Superheroes!
Jenny, Octobriana and Astro-Man (from the Free Universe Forum)
Working on a story introducing Jenny Anywhere into my BEHOLDER world. It might actually be a color story for the first time–

This is a study, from the beginning of the story, before she gets into the super-hero business and stuff.

Jenny Anywhere is based on Carter-Ethan Rankin's design on the Public Domain Wiki.
Bigger version on my blog:
Here's a super-group that is shifting into action!

Jenny Everywhere and Jenny Anywhere, Rodney Rabbit and Captain Evening! Seemed like a fun group to randomly throw together for this pic.

Captain Evening and Jenny Everywhere can be seen in my webcomic / self-published comic zine Tales To Behold
Rodney the Alcoholic Rabbit is from its sister-series Journey Into Misery
And Jenny Anywhere will definitely pop up in my stories in the future...

Bigger Version on my tumblr:
A webcomic crossover pic, featuring Jenny Everywhere, Jimmy Anywhere, and two characters from the webcomic