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Sure, it would be great to see it!

Very glad you enjoyed my tribute, and thanks so much for the shoutout! Woo!

Always great to see new pages from you, right now there are not too many people working regularly with The Shifter. And you have so many fun versions of her!

Love the new page, especially the design of Jenny Nowhere! Hoping to see more of her.

On my travels through the universe, I found some more bad@$$ versions of our heroine.
The first homage of today is from the story, as scripted by Alex Hernandez and drawn by Andres Allocco. Their cussing and swearing Jenny spends some time in Greece and is looking for "a shag". Can the mythological creature she encounters there help her?

Other stories by the same team: and, plus the controversial

Our second Jenny homage of the day is actually her arch-nemesis, Jenny Nowhere, as portrayed by Benji Christensen and Scott D.M. Simmons in the currently defunct Jenny Everywhere Chronicles. You can see a pic of this version on the bottom of this page:

Again, these homages are done with great respect to the original creators who, of course own the particular designs and hopefully will enjoy my interpretations.

It's fascinating to see the different incarnations of our favorite dimension-shifting, toast-loving open source character. I wanted to pay tribute and homage to some of the versions out there, by redrawing their designs with my own line…

Here is my attempt at Jenny Everywhere Blue,
from Gwendolyn Patton's Jenny Everywhere Infinite: QuarkTime
In this comic alone, there are many different versions of Jenny

Here I took on JennyDavid, Jenny merged with her boyfriend into a powerful being,
from the classic story Soulless Mate, which written by Alex Hernandez, with artwork by Scott D. M. Simmons

And finally, something that might be not quite safe for work, even though it's utterly harmless:
This is my drawing of Jenny's incarnation in the naturist comic The Bare Pit, whose version has had the most influence on my own Jenny.
The Bare Pit is created by Steven Crowley, who'll hopefully find the time to resume the strip next year.

All rights for these specific designs are of course with the individual creators.
Hope you liked these– I might do some more soon.

Yes, great to see!

THE BEHOLDER is taking the liberty of posting a little reminder:
Another Jenny Everywhere Day is almost upon us.

Still time to get a contribution ready!

Jenny Everywhere: The Shifter Archive / Re: BEHOLDER Blog
« on: December 10, 2011, 07:22:00 pm »
No problem, I figured I'd just post it in the forum for now.

Great to see the new site, looking forward to more content…\
Thanks for all your hard work!

Jenny Everywhere: The Shifter Archive / Re: BEHOLDER Blog
« on: December 03, 2011, 03:46:21 am »
Appologies, I'm new to this forum stuff– i don't know why above link doesn't work, but if you copy/paste it, you'll get there!

Edit: I think it works now…

Jenny Everywhere: The Shifter Archive / BEHOLDER Blog
« on: November 30, 2011, 11:30:28 pm »
Greetings, earthlings! A new story has just begun on the Beholder Blog, and your favorite dimension-shifting character is one of the main protagonists…[/ftp]
Thank you for visiting my dimension!

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