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Applications / LeSage Online
May 05, 2006, 02:46:23 AM
Username: lesage-online
Email: duelistqueenATnetzeroDOTnet
Site Type: Online art gallery/portfolio

Hi! I'm LeSage (obviously lol). Let me begin by saying that I think this site rocks. I've been looking for a really good free host for a while now and I feel so lucky to have come across this little gem. But I'm totally off subject now, so I'll get back to the point. Currently I'm a second year visual communications major pursuing an associates degree. The site I'm creating at the moment is actually a project for my web design class, yet I want to be able to keep it up and running far beyond that. As I mentioned, the site would be my personal online gallery/portfolio. Through the site I hope to get recognition in the art world. My current goal is to get my name out through commission work thus gaining experience and polishing my own style, which by the way is greatly influenced by anime and manga. Eventually, I want to create my own mangas. To get a better idea of my works please visit my deviant gallery at

As I said earlier, I'm still in school so I'm a little behind in my art endeavours, but I'll be catching up this summer. Nevertheless, my site will be updated in a timely manner. I just hate when people don't update for months on end, so I can at least guarntee (sorry I can't spell, lol) that my site would be updated once, if not more, per month. Below is a layout I'm currently working on for my site;

Now I hope this doesn't sound pushy or anything, but again, since this site I'm working on is a project for class as well, I'll need to have an answer as soon as humanly possible. My site is due up and running the second week in June. My apologizes if this makes you seemed hurried in making a decision, but should you reject my application, I would need time to find a new host. Well I believe that covers it for now. Thank you.