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Applications / LeSage Online
July 22, 2006, 02:10:11 AM
Thanks Xepher. With some luck, I may be back one day. And I'll be sure to recommend you to others who are looking for hosting. Take care.

Applications / LeSage Online
July 21, 2006, 02:57:16 AM
Hi again. Sorry I know I've been missing in action. Just so you guys know, I went with JanHost to host my site. You can see it at . Anyway, I think it came out pretty good, got a B in the class this time around. I just wanted to say thanks for considering me, but I'm afraid I'm going to pull my application. I've come to the realization that at this time I'm not really in dire need of this site, so eventually I'll be pulling it from the net as well. I'll still have my deviant gallery which I think right now serves me best. I may come back in the future though if I ever get a manga going finally. Again thank you for your time and good luck to all.

Art / Ursulav spilled the beans~!
June 19, 2006, 02:51:31 AM
I don't see anything wrong with that, in fact that's how I started learning about drawing. I basically traced everything I could then I took off the training wheels and started eyeballing stuff. And so on and so forth. ^_^
Applications / LeSage Online
June 03, 2006, 03:13:57 AM
Well I've been rather busy with school and work as of late so I haven't been able to sit down much to do any of the works on my list. Next week is the last week of this quarter so I'll be able to get started on those projects soon. But if you need something more to go on I can always dig up some old stuff and upload them. Maybe even upload the sketches of those character cgs of mine.
Art / Ursulav spilled the beans~!
May 27, 2006, 07:12:04 PM
Lol, man I hate having dial-up. Gonna be awhile before the tut completely loads and I get to see it. *pouts* But hey, drawing stuff isn't that complicated, and I do agree that it does take certian amount of trial and error not to mention years of disciplined work. (Oh man, how corny does that sound? Like some martial arts Yet even so, just think of doing it like you do in your 3D modeler, except with pen and paper. Everything starts with a basic foundation, like a skeleton for character modeling or a stick figure in drawing, and then you just build on from there. But the most important thing to remember is that you don't have to "flatten" your 3D ideas onto paper, rather transform your paper version to the one in your mind. That's where shadow and lighting come into play, gives 2D images depth and a false 3D-ness, though definately not like your 3D modeler would. The only problem is that it does get a bit time consuming, yet with techonology and whatnot, it's a whole lot faster than it was. Sketch, ink, scan, photoshop and your good to go. Yet, some can skip the scan stuff since you can use a tablet to sketch on the computer. Oh, man, I'm rambling again. Sorries. Hope I made some sense, lol.

Hehe, finally saw the tut. Though I'm not much of a painter, I do find the tut very useful and not to mention easy to follow. Ursulav did a great job making it.
Applications / LeSage Online
May 27, 2006, 06:51:17 PM
Just a heads up, I'm still around, just been absent what with projects and all, lol. And...I am still waiting to hear a 'ya' or 'nah' about hosting my site. But like I said, take your time hon, I know you're busy.
Though I'm not part of this community yet, I wouldn't mind giving a helping hand whenever needed. I have three months of free time coming up, so I'd be more than happy to help when I can. Being a vis com major you can rightly guess I'd help with graphic design, hehe. Just give me a holler when you need me. ^_^ Oh yeah, I can help promote too. I'm with dA and stuff like that, so I can spread the word.
Announcements / Xepher's Moving
May 27, 2006, 05:37:44 PM
Ah man, I'm gone for awhile and look what, nah hey I hope you have a good trip. ^_^
Applications / LeSage Online
May 06, 2006, 02:28:36 AM
Lol, that's okay I totally understand. Take your time. Man, I wish my school did hosting for students cuz that'd be great, but But that's okay, for my project I'll just host on another site for it, then I can just switch over later. That is if you decide to accept me, hehe. *crosses fingers and hopes you do* ^_^ Oh yes, and before I forget, thank you Munerift. It always makes me smile when others find something to love about my artwork. It makes it all the more rewarding and keeps me going. Again thank you to you and Xepher.

Applications / LeSage Online
May 05, 2006, 10:58:16 PM
Well I don't remember anything labeled that on here, but maybe I missed it somehow. As far as the hosting goes, I'll be looking at others, but I'll still be waiting on an answer from here as well. And thank you for the recommended hosts, I'll take a look at them as well.
Applications / LeSage Online
May 05, 2006, 02:46:23 AM
Username: lesage-online
Email: duelistqueenATnetzeroDOTnet
Site Type: Online art gallery/portfolio

Hi! I'm LeSage (obviously lol). Let me begin by saying that I think this site rocks. I've been looking for a really good free host for a while now and I feel so lucky to have come across this little gem. But I'm totally off subject now, so I'll get back to the point. Currently I'm a second year visual communications major pursuing an associates degree. The site I'm creating at the moment is actually a project for my web design class, yet I want to be able to keep it up and running far beyond that. As I mentioned, the site would be my personal online gallery/portfolio. Through the site I hope to get recognition in the art world. My current goal is to get my name out through commission work thus gaining experience and polishing my own style, which by the way is greatly influenced by anime and manga. Eventually, I want to create my own mangas. To get a better idea of my works please visit my deviant gallery at

As I said earlier, I'm still in school so I'm a little behind in my art endeavours, but I'll be catching up this summer. Nevertheless, my site will be updated in a timely manner. I just hate when people don't update for months on end, so I can at least guarntee (sorry I can't spell, lol) that my site would be updated once, if not more, per month. Below is a layout I'm currently working on for my site;

Now I hope this doesn't sound pushy or anything, but again, since this site I'm working on is a project for class as well, I'll need to have an answer as soon as humanly possible. My site is due up and running the second week in June. My apologizes if this makes you seemed hurried in making a decision, but should you reject my application, I would need time to find a new host. Well I believe that covers it for now. Thank you.