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So my friend suckered me into reviving my LiveJournal account as a dream journal, which led to me shopping around for pretty layouts to use. I'd like to use this one, but for some reason the header image and the body of the journal do not align exactly in the live preview or in my own journal (oddly enough, the two are aligned perfectly in the image preview). I know it's only a mere pixel off, but it drives me nuts every time I look at it. Is this due to a flaw in the CSS? I'd correct it myself if I could, but alas, I cannot, so I am reaching out for help here. <3

CSS code:
Image Preview:
Live Preview:

Unfortunately, the post is only visible to those with LJ accounts who are a part of the Painted Layouts community. Nevertheless, here is the link to the actual post:

I'd ask the creator myself, but questions on the layout are apparently disabled for the moment.

Applications / Suku Suku
July 05, 2006, 05:47:49 PM
Desired username: suku


Site Description: Basically, a personal art site with a few things on the side, like tutorials and wallpapers. The vast majority of what I do is anime, as I enjoy it the most. I'm taking Drawing and Painting this year, so whatever projects I upload from that class will probably be more realistic. I've also been playing with a different style - it's like a cross between realism and dolls - that you can see here (bah, this example is about a year old; I had a far more recent example but now I can't find it. Figures ~_~). I do mostly CG, but I'd like to play with watercolor soon.

As for my webdesign skills, I know enough HTML and CSS to scrape by. Here's my sample site:

I used Paint Shop Pro 8's image slicing tool, Microsoft FrontPage, and some Notepad. I haven't coded in a while, so I just modified the stylesheet I was using for my old site. I hope that's alright ^^; I also have a DeviantArt account, if you'd like to see everything in one place, though it's pretty much the same content as the site:

Why "Suku Suku"?
It actually doesn't mean anything in particular; my little brother and I had some fake words we'd use when we were younger (kind of like twin speech, except we're not twins) and suku suku was one of them. It's the only one I remember besides kushkala kashka. But, because I think "suku suku" sounds cute and because it doesn't mean anything - thus not forcing me to have a revolving theme for my layouts - I chose it :3 It probably sounds like some weird Japanesey thing, but I swear that's not what it's from, and if it does mean anything in any other language, I don't care 'cause it's my word! x)

Why Xepher?
Because the Xepher offer is amazing. I haven't found anyone else offering this amount of webspace and freedom at a price I can actually afford. I also don't think I've seen a community quite like Xepher has behind it. I've been scuttling about the forums for a bit (why yes, that cockroach -was- me xD) and lurking for even longer, and you guys seem like a very nice bunch :3

How do we know you won't die on us?
Because I have no other choice :'D I have to construct and maintain a website as a graduation requirement. Plus, I love drawing. I've been scribbling for years now and I'm not about to stop anytime soon (: But, I'm not sure if I completely understand the "semi-regular" updates requirement. Is monthly okay?

And that's pretty much it. Thank you for taking the time to read this <3