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Name: Celephaïdra (working title - I may think of something better)
Requested Username: kassieopia

I hope this is all right - if it's better, I can post most of the info here rather than as links, but I thought I'd try to be concise.

I currently draw the webcomic Autumn in the Otherworld (, which has an archive of 34 pages currently online but will be roughly 500 pages by the end (and I do mean to finish it) and you can see some (slightly out-of-date) examples of my artwork at my deviantart account, If this application is accepted I might transfer AitO to my account here eventually.

The site would be an art/writing gallery for individual pieces such as paintings and short stories and bigger projects both related and unrelated to the main comic, such as mini-comics, novels (posted chapter by chapter, probably) and my constructed worlds and languages, information about one of which can be seen at

I'd also like to start a forum eventually, with sections for discussion and critique of art and writing, an RPG section for some Autumn in the Otherworld-based forum RPing, (which I have a bit of experience in, see the RP Soup section of the Redemption/ASPS forum,, as well as discussion of the comic - would that be possible?

My web design skills are best described as "fairly basic but functional" - I'm moderately confident in HTML and CSS, and wrote all the code for my website by hand using Notepad - I'm keen to learn some PHP and the like, however.

I'd be interested in moving here for a number of reasons - firstly, ComicGenesis, while a good comic host, doesn't give me the freedom I'd like in managing the site - it's fine for comic archives, but for an art and writing site I'd prefer to have more control over layout, structure, etc - its image hosting system is also irritating. Secondly, seems to have a good community behind it, which is always nice. Thirdly a friend, Senshuu ( is hosted here and she recommends it highly.

I also had a question - does the ftp support have web-ftp access or will I need to get an ftp client? If so, can anyone recommend one?

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