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... probably my mistake for thinking the solution was to upgrade some wordpress plugins since I was so out of date on a few, but I think the prime offender here (after a little googling) is WP-SuperCache. The Low Memory thing is more an an annoyance by comparison.

... so... yeah, HELP?!

I tried deleting the WP-supercache plugin, but it won't let me remove the directory...
Heyo! Just tried to update wordpress, and of course like a good little vampire I wanted to back up my database first...

... I can't find where to access the PHPMyAdmin interface Like I did before. I looked under "User Services", but I don't see it.

I know Xepher mentioned that he backs up stuff nightly, so should I just go ahead and update (and if it screws up, let him fix it) or what?
Technical Support / Unable to blog!
November 13, 2007, 08:37:45 PM
I'm trying to update my blog, but it refuses to connect to the ftp... it's automated, so I know it's using the right password and such.
Hosting Q&A / Nameservers?
October 15, 2007, 11:39:31 PM
I've just picked up a new URL for the comic ( ), and am currently forwarding traffic to it. Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of the current masking (among other things, my little domain icon doesn't show!), and so I'd like to point the domain name to something a little more substantial.

The thing is, I'm not sure what the nameservers for my site are, or if we even have them. It seems like that would be simple enough to fix, but I'm not sure if we have this ability.

Help? Advice? Tips on how to wrestle into doing what you want?
Hosting Q&A / Donation Question
May 16, 2007, 12:58:33 AM
When paying Xepher's 25%, do I pay 25% of the donation before or after Paypal takes its cut?

(so on a $5 donation, do I pay $1.25, or $1.13 since they take out 45 cents?)
Art / Being a Tease
April 30, 2007, 01:35:37 AM
'Cause I can, and 'cause it'll be at least a week before this makes any sense anyway:

Unless any of you have strong opinions one way or the other about teaser panels in comics...
Web Design / Those Little Domain Icons
April 22, 2007, 02:30:19 AM
How do I make 'em, basically?

They seem like a good thing to have, especially now that FireFox shows 'em off in such a way that it seems silly NOT to use 'em...
How long does it take to get my work classified and added to the Xepher Newsbox? Or at least that drop-down menu...
Username: lastresort

Email: rach [at]

Site Description: A weekly-or-so webcomic (depends on schoolwork and such) done in Standard Comic Page Format (1.5 to 1 ratio), including bonus art, character descriptions, plot synopsis, and a few plugs on the links page to my other work and possibly some commissions information (and forums, of course).


A new reality show is about to begin in the far reaches of space, and the Vaeo family is getting ready to produce it; the robots are being prepped, they're interviewing last-minute volunteers, construction's almost finished, criminals are starting to be transferred in . . . wait, criminals?

Yes, criminals; this new reality show, Last Resort, Is a galactic government-sponsored expedition program for condemned criminals, waiving further appeals on their death sentences in the hopes of winning complete pardons at the end of the season.

Mixed in with them are volunteer players whose job is to keep the criminals in check, and all of them have the chance to become Executioners: players who serve as captains to their own squads of criminals, but are also responsible for helping to eliminate the criminals on other teams. Being a volunteer helps your chances of becoming an Executioner, but there's no guarantee of it.

The story mostly follows the adventures of an odd volunteer, Jigsaw Forte, who looks too small and cultured to be dangerous . . . until Cypress Vaeo (Producer of the show) finds out that she's a lot more dangerous than she looks! We're not sure just what she's capable of, but it's more than enough to toss her in the mix.

Can Jigsaw survive the new combat environment as much as she thinks she can? How far will Cypress and the rest of the Vaeo family go to keep themselves (and the other civilians) safe while filming? And most importantly . . . will this crazy experiment in mixing justice and prime-time drama even WORK?

The Story contains Heavy Combat Violence, Combat-related Gore, Inferred Sex, and Partial Nudity, all of which are plot related and semi-censored just because of the nature of the art style. Case in point: I don't draw genitalia, but a nipple's not going to end the world. While I'm not going to shrink away from showing battle-wounds, most other gore will probably be concealed by the action in progress. You're not going to find any Saw-style cross-sectioning going on here, and my style's a little too cartoony to get that far in it.

Most of this is going to be limited in scope and rare compared to the rest of the comic, but it WILL be in there. It's more a matter of "The story's already epic, so censoring out these details is counterintuitive and counterproductive" than anything else.

Page: No page yet, aside from my DeviantArt and FurAffinity accounts (only providing the dA link because the fA one is just a mirror of my furrier works); I know how to make my own page, yes, but I'm a little out of practice (circa 2005), and I kinda don't want to work on one until I get something secured.