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Applications / TimeSpaz [application]
November 12, 2008, 10:03:33 PM
UserName/NickName: 3Eoclock
Desired Web Address: http://timespaz.xepher.ner
e-mail: katrina.anjolie [at] gmail [dot] com
Site Title: TimeSpaz

The site I wish to own will be a personal art site to post my portfolio works, general works, short animations, web comics, tutorials and other things art-like I create.

The animations will be hosted elsewhere as to not take up too much space.

My work is currently hosted elsewhere, but I'd very much like to have a private hosting site to show potential employers, and anyone else who wishes to see a portfolio from me.

Thank you very much for the time, if you would like to see samples of my work you can reach me at my deviant art site located here: