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Applications / Re: berdua comics [online graphic novel]
December 03, 2008, 09:38:33 AM
QuoteIt sounds like you want to have a website, write your own web comic, and host other web comics?  They could just apply to Xepher....

ah very well then, im sorry for not understanding too quick..ill be editing the application form now!  :D the answer is yes, then i would be happy just to host my webcomic on XEPHER (only my webcomic)

im glad you like my art style..
Applications / Re: berdua comics [online graphic novel]
December 03, 2008, 09:29:02 AM
QuoteThe project in question is the webcomic you linked, correct?

actually the project will be a brand new site, like a comic label.. and the webcomic i linked would be a part of it. but if this host wont allow that then i guess my current webcomic would be the main site then..

QuoteThe wording on that was a bit vague...or maybe I'm just not reading it right.

well i am sorry too because my English is not to good.. hehe.

QuoteYou don't seem to have many pages yet, can we be sure you'll update as regularly as you say? (haha I'm such a hypocrite)

the Interim State have just started about a week.. and yes, i am updating the comic 2-4 pages every week. hopefully i could do more and do 4-6 pages/week.

i hope that answers your questions.

p.s :
i do use old dates on my each comic post but that doesn't mean the updates is old too.. that's only for technical issue on my CMS.
Applications / Interim State [online graphic novel]
December 01, 2008, 01:15:07 PM


I'm Okii, I've been searching anywhere suitable to host my webcomic. i want to make an online graphic novel that updated 2-3 pages every week

(this project will be a non-commercial one, unless there are demands sometime near future,)

I myself have already start on a graphic novel called "Interim State" which hosted under limited bandwidth free host. the problem is it takes a lot of time to load. so i don't want the reader to be upset with that.


My current knowledge in html are quite good, a little PHP stuffs too.

Sample Work

you could check my personal artwork at :

you could check the project i've mentioned earlier at :


as for the host name, interimstate should be good..

i am looking forward for your answer.. i hope my application considered good enough for you. please ask me more about what you want to know in case it could help me with this hosting application. and i am sorry for my troubled english. :D

Thank you,