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Applications / Heart, Mind, & Soul
March 17, 2007, 09:44:55 PM
I don't see anything wrong with splash pages if they have a point. If you want to keep yours, I suggest adding more links to make it more purposeful. You could list webrings, affiliates, fanlistings, etc, as well as a link to Educen Bacillus, since it's a big project of yours and apparently not easily found when navigating your art site. does this, and I think it works well.

As for your gallery, I would suggest replacing the "
  • " links with thumbnails. A preview is nice particularly for those with slow internet connections (like me! x_x) who would rather not waste ages loading a picture they're not sure if they're going to like. I'm also not a big fan of viewing pictures in a small frame. I suggest linking to a full page for the image, like or having pop-ups, like  

(I'm not offended, Fes XD I know my layout is bite-sized. I'm currently working on one that's a tad bigger :3)

You're just applying for Heart, Mind, and Soul, right? I won't touch Educen Bacillus if you're not planning on hosting it here. Besides, Fesworks is more knowledgeable than I am about webcomics, and I think he covered everything nicely =3
Applications / Heart, Mind, & Soul
March 13, 2007, 11:39:20 AM
A new layout? I checked Heart, Mind, and Soul, but it's the same blue layout as before. o.o
Applications / Heart, Mind, & Soul
December 27, 2006, 12:02:04 AM
I think the current layout is fine as it's simple and easily navigable. Your DeviantArt gallery is huge, so I'm not really worried about you dropping off the face of the earth and never posting again x3 I like your art (can't wait to see more of the Mental Illness series), but the multiple watermarks are distracting. I know everyone dislikes art theft, but maybe you could try just one? ^^;

Oh, and photography, short stories, and poetry are allowed =3 It's all art.
General Chat / Ice Age 2
December 19, 2006, 01:00:19 AM
Quote from: sillyscarecrowDisney is coming back out with the classical 2D animation style because even though we all like 3D, there is a lot of it.  A guy from EA came to our school and told many of the GAD students this.  I find it refreshing because classics are always nice.  But yeah, the stuff they do in the 3D movies as far as grafix and animation is great.
Yeah, I can't wait for The Frog Princess =)
General Chat / Are you doing anything for Halloween?
October 31, 2006, 01:08:50 PM
Me neither xD I didn't go to the Halloween Dance at school because I'm really not one for dances, and here Trick-or-Treating is on Tuesdays, so I always have too much homework to go out. *sigh* Guess Halloween's only fun when you're a kid :/
Applications / Suku Suku
October 26, 2006, 10:23:23 PM
Thank you! ^_^ I'll get started this weekend.
General Chat / Happy Hump Day!
October 25, 2006, 11:37:35 PM
I am putting off the paraphrasing I have to do for Hamlet x3;
Applications / Suku Suku
October 25, 2006, 11:17:59 PM
Aw, shucks! :3 And yes, I do commissions ^^
Applications / Suku Suku
October 22, 2006, 07:44:28 PM
Yes, of course! Sorry about not posting for a bit; two of my classes just dumped research projects on me, so Saturday/Sunday are my Internet days now x3;
Applications / Suku Suku
September 28, 2006, 12:23:38 AM
Thank you! ^_^ Ooh, what languages? =3 I wanted to have Suku Suku in Spanish as well as in English, but I still have to work on my grammar ^^;
Applications / Exiled Dreams
September 04, 2006, 03:32:10 PM
I had a dream about elves last night! :3 Anyway. I dig the art style, and I'm glad you know what you're doing with screentone and paneling. I've read what you have so far (that first page was a hooker! x3), and I'm interested in what'll happen next (what went 'kshnk'!? o.o). This doesn't seem like a project you'll be giving up on anytime soon :3

I've never used DrunkDuck, so I'm not sure if it's a template uploader; if it is, you'll probably want to stick a sample site up (on geocities or atspace or something) to show you can work with HTML. I'm not a hostee, but there's my 2 cents ^_^
Applications / Suku Suku
August 17, 2006, 01:31:10 AM
@ Fesworks: I changed the "home" button to "news", so hopefully it makes more sense now ^^ I also changed the cursor so that it's the default cursor when hovering over a link, as I'm sure that's not as unnerving and I like the way it looks :3

I'm used to images opening in a new window (from browsing other art sites), so that's just what I did with my site. And no worries, you didn't sound overly critical! Webcomics seem like fun, but I'm terrible at writing and am not close friends with a writer, so I'll just stick with the art thing x3 Thanks for all of the suggestions, though! <3

@ Xepher: Take your time :3 I know you've got life and a job to deal with (I hope they're not pushin' ya too hard! ^^).

@ Munerift: Thank you! <3
Applications / Sylph
August 16, 2006, 02:27:16 AM
I wish I could give you a long, in-depth critique on your poetry, but alas, I'm not a writer ^^;

As for the site design, I don't find the colors blinding and I can read the font just fine =3 The background of the iframe still scrolls, but I think that's because I'm using Mozilla. I tried having a fixed background too and that didn't work out. I used PSP's slicing tool and made the iframe's pic the background image for the table cell it was in and gave all the iframes transparent backgrounds... I hope that made sense ._.; Ooh! And is pretty cool for learning HTML (=
Applications / Suku Suku
August 16, 2006, 02:14:59 AM
Just givin' this thread a poke to show that I'm still here ^_^ And a small update for Suku Suku, though I had to upload through Atspace's file manager because FTP wasn't working, bah >>
Applications / Suku Suku
July 05, 2006, 09:45:23 PM
Quote from: griever
Quote from: pigeon-wingThe requirements say "original" content, so I hope that style isn't too painfully generic for you, whereas my other style probably is n_n;
I'm going to be painfully blunt here, as this has been building for a little while, but people who draw their art in the anime style and fill out applications here seriously tick me off.  It's a confliction set of ideas: 1) I'm proud of my art/enjoy doing it, so I'm trying to promote myself and get better webspace vs. 2) I draw generic art, oh woes I am shamed (insert cute smiley here).  Whenever I read applications from artists who draw in the anime style (or at least, have been influenced by it) and bend over backwards apologizing for their unoriginality, it makes me want to vote nay on the space (assuming we still had the poll).

If you're putting a portfolio of anime style art up there, sounding ashamed or lessening it to your future original style does not make you sound like a confident artist in my book.  Be proud and supportive of what you create or don't bother to do it in the first place.

Also, original content does not have to mean unique drawing style.  It can also mean having an original plotline, a new and expanded digital art technique, a new way of blending sounds, or a new way of perceiving media in general.
That wasn't painful at all, you quite made my day. Thank you for knocking some sense into me (: