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Technical Support / centre-ing the newsbox
August 22, 2006, 02:11:14 PM
I probably should've mentioned that I'd already tried that, unfortunately to no avail. I suppose I could make a 3*1 table & put it in the centre cell... Might have a try at that later.
Technical Support / centre-ing the newsbox
August 22, 2006, 10:24:30 AM
Can the newsbox be centred? In the example page;

Quote$align_box = "none" ;
//Which side to place the newsbox, with the rest of the page flowing around it. Can be "left", "right", or "none" to disable wrapping
But there's no option to centre it... It just looks a bit strange as the rest of my home page is centre-aligned
Applications / love or lust?
August 18, 2006, 09:51:54 PM
Heh, thanks. I should get at least the groundwork of the site down soon, I'm gonna do some serious work on it tomorrow as I haven't got work.
Applications / love or lust?
August 14, 2006, 10:11:15 AM
Thankyou SOOO much. Might be a couple of days ebfore the site starts goign up, because I have my 18th birthday & then results day the day after, so things are a bit hectic at the moment. Thanks again!
Applications / love or lust?
August 13, 2006, 08:57:54 AM
Quotehave to head in for an 8 hour shift here in a few minutes. They're probably going to make me work tomorrow as well
Don't worry about it too much, work must come first - they made me do an 11 hour shift on Thursday followed by a 9 hour shift on Saturday - Sunday's 4 hour shift will seem like nothing!

Quotedamn, I shoulda taken some "panoram" pics like that
Can't wait until I can afford a nice large format camera & a decent wide angle optic. An XL Super Angulon would just eat that landscape right up.
Applications / love or lust?
August 12, 2006, 01:39:22 PM
QuoteRighto... Bump this thread if I haven't gotten back to you by this weekend.
I'm not sure what time/day it is in Texas, but *bumpo*.

I'm working on a couple more pics from around Sydney if you want some more convincing.
Applications / love or lust?
August 09, 2006, 10:07:45 PM
Here are two shots that I fiished working on ast night (well this morning technically);

They're best viewed full-screen on a black background. Bth of these were originally shot on colur negative film. I didn't actually use a grad filter on the second one, altough it really looks like I did, the sky actualy held that colour & gradient.

And one I'm working on at the moment;

This one was shot on Ilford Delta (B&W print film) & is definately a work in progress at this stage. I wasn't actually planning on stitching shots together, but now that I have I wish that I had tken a shot further right to get the edge of the cliff on that side in. Ah well 16000Km is quite a long way to re-take the shot!
Applications / love or lust?
August 07, 2006, 02:32:20 PM
Meh, thanks for the idea, but imagesofeden is kinda growing on me... I also have this vision of having to explain to people how to spell ImagEden when i tell them about my site...

Yeah I think 'imagesofeden' will be it.
Applications / love or lust?
August 07, 2006, 02:03:38 PM
Hmm I'm kinda liking imagesofeden still, imageden looks too much as though it should be one word... to me at least...
Applications / love or lust?
August 07, 2006, 09:57:35 AM
Well I've done some googling of names I like the sound of, & millions of people have sites made up from different combinations of the words 'eden' & 'photography' or 'photographic', so to be a little bit different... how's about 'imagesofeden' ? Because then it doesn't sound completely strictly about photography, because as I said, my course will involve a fair bit of work on other medias which I may also want to display. So what d'ya think?
Applications / love or lust?
August 06, 2006, 09:49:23 PM
>>Though all the ones from australia are really grainy looking.

That's because they were scanned rather quickly because all of my impatient friends with their digital cameras wanted the shots quickly. Hence they were all scanned at lower-then-normal resolution with common settings & haven't been cleaned/edited at all, with  the intention being that I would re-scan & spend time cleaning if anybody wanted a better version. They're also at substantially lower quality than the College Portfolio (less than 50K per shot instead of 300K per shot. I would usually have kept them at much higher quality). The majority of the shots taken when I was down there were what I would call 'holiday snaps' rather than properly-set-up shots to be proud of anyway. I don't think that that album/gallery really conveys my interests/focuses/talents (I hope). As I said before, the Leamington College Portfolio better displays me.

>>So, may I ask, why are you applying under "loveorlust"

You're right, I applied under the same name mainly because it's what I've been using for quite a while & to tell you the truth I was a bit desperate after all of today's hard work got shot down by FreeWebs. But you're right, now that I am focusing on my photography I should really create a new & better suited site under a new & better suited name. I'll have a sleep on a new name because I'm rather stumped on a new one at the moment (it's been a long day!) but I'm open to any suggestions. Obviously something containing something to do with photography, maybe incorporating my avatar (lost eden) like edenphotography or something... Anyway I'll see what comes up by tomorrow (UK citizen by the way, it's night over here!).

>>Personally I do like B&W stills...

As a matter of fact there isn't a single Black & White shot on the site - they're all Duotones, Tritones or Quadtones (mostly gray-blacks, so the difference is small, but there).
Applications / love or lust?
August 06, 2006, 08:15:31 PM
Yeah I'm gonna be changing the text colour, because unless you're using a decent CRT or really decent TFT it's just too faint. If you use a laptop TFT you can't read it at all, because they're too washed-out & simply don't have the colour reproduction.
Applications / love or lust?
August 06, 2006, 03:51:36 PM
Firstly to conform to the application rules;

Desired username: 'loveorlust' (without the quotes).

Email address:

love or lust? has been my personal website for some years now, & although it's function has changed over the years it has grown slowly into a place where I upload fanfiction (mostly based on CLAMP works) & more recently it has been pressed into service to host my ever-growing interest in photography.

As my interest in photography has expanded, so to does the number of shots I wish to share with others. I dislike hosting my shots on third-party photo websites such as photobucket & imageshack for many reasons, & would much rather use 'Fotos on Web' (free software for Windows & Linux, homepage = ) & host the gallery myself. As I am proceeding onto a Diploma in Photography come the new academic year (September) the amount of work that I wish to host will dramatically expand. Not only will this include photographs, but also work in other media; sketching, paintwork, even animation/film/music, owing to the wide range of art & design topics covered in my prospective course.

However to my horror today after spending many hours scanning photos (I am prominently a film photographer, although I tend to then digitize my shots for easier manipulation) that Freewebs accounts have a limit of 100 files, which renders the account virtually useless for my use. Add to that the many other negatives of Freewebs (such as no FTP access) & it is no wonder that I am now in the search for better hosting. immediately came to mind as I have visited sites hosted by Xepher created by friends membered to internet communities such as Megatokyo & MysticalAura.

The best example of my intentions is what exists of love or lust? on it's current Freewebs hosting at . I would like to draw particular attention to the Photos page, because that is where my real passion lies & that is what the majority of the site would centre around. The final entry (Oz Experience) are shots I took whilst in Australia with the charity 'The Joshua Foundation' who work to provide life experiences to children with terminal cancer. This album/gallery was created with 'Fotos on Web' using CSS & XML. I was mid way through uploading this album when I hit the 100 file limit, much to my annoyance. Though the first entry on the Photos page (Leamington College Portfolio) displays my true focus.

I briefly posted on Shadowness ( however I would prefer more flexibility in what I can do, rather than just uploading my work to another un-personalisable conglomeration of artists. I want a place to call my own.

The majority of the site was written in Nvu ( which is an open source Windows & Linux alternative to FrontPage & other similar programs, though this is not to say that I do not have more than passable knowledge of HTML, CSS & using FTP.

I hope a fruitful future awaits us all!