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Technical Support / Email Glitch thing...
August 14, 2016, 07:01:05 AM
Hi, uh.. don't know what's up, but i've checked the settings and while everything seems hunky-dory.. i'm not receiving any email in the xepher mail at all.. like.. any, i even flung a couple test ones at it, and nada.. not even a "mailer daemon"..

edit: yeah getting mailer daemon.. my email filters sent it to the wrong box. :B

anything on your end?

also anybody else having a similar issue?

edit2: okay, it works, it's just not sending to the custom addresses i set. :B
Technical Support / Setting Up wordpress/comicpress
December 11, 2007, 06:56:31 AM
Well, new account and all, figured i'd go in head first, and start with the content management system, so i went for wordpress and comicpress, and i was wondering about initial setup in layman's terms, since my PHP skills are somewhat minimal, and i'm eager to get some semblance of a working site up and running, at least from the content side of things, i can worry about "prettying up" things later.
so i was curious about setting it up in order to get it up and running with Xepher, as well as tips for initial setup would be cool, too. =]
Applications / The Foxfire Chronicles (application)
December 08, 2007, 11:10:36 AM
Username: foxfire

email: Foxfire AT kaerwyn DOT com

Description Foxfire is a weekly comic (twice weekly if i get around to it), the basic story is; five strangers kidnapped by a shadow organization and turned into canids. Now their fight to keep their humanity and freedom starts. it's just a good (fairly clean) fun adventure comic, all i can say is, have a look, and decide for yourself.  :)

Technical Details: i'm fairly proficient in website design and coding (attested to how i can work around comicgen's annoying useful site tags), as for a comic loader script, i'm fairly sure i could retrofit my current site's design and fnargle something into submission.