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I applied here on the advice of a friend. She said the people here were mostly supportive, and even if my application was rejected, most people got advice on how they could better themselves. I honestly didn't think I'd get it on my first try, but that applying wouldn't do any harm; that the worst that would happen is that I'd be told to come back after I figured out what I was doing, or got some more experience.

I did not expect to get backhanded by extremely negative criticism first off after posting my work; I knew what I was posting as far as the comic was concerned that it wasn't my best work; but I wanted to show that I was working on it beyond just words on a page. I thought that might speak louder to my ability to produce a finished product and keep it going but apparently I was sorely mistaken.

Apparently, griever, telling someone their ideas are "intriguing" and that they "need a lot of work" amidst a sea of harsh, negative criticism is passable as constructive criticism to you, I'm glad for that. It means you obviously didn't grow up in the kind of home I did, where every article of clothing worn was scrutinized to see if it was wrinkled; where you got the enamel bleached off your teeth because they weren't white enough, where a straight A report card wasn't praised unless the report card before it also was a straight A report card. After 18 years of that, I have a higher standard for constructive criticism.

I'm so petrified of failure I never even applied to college, I work in a library taking care of the books that helped me cope with the awful hell that was my childhood. If I had the money to pay for it, I might go in hopes of improving my artwork, but I don't so it's not going to happen.

Every endeavor I have ever undertaken has been done after months, sometimes years of urging from my friends who are trying to build me back into something resembling a human being, not just a pathetic, terrified shell of one. Ticky's carelessness undid a lot of that work in a matter of minutes.

I'm still doing the comic, this is something that I need to do, for me more than anyone. But when it comes to getting a permanent home for it, I'd rather pay for web hosting than apply to another place like this. Not that you'd care, mind you given that you don't make any money off of running this.
I admit I didn't put up a bunch of stuff here, all I did was post a couple half assed comics I made in GIMP while I try to learn the program and figure out what works and doesn't work in terms of layout and dialogue. I mentioned that in my first post and I kind of feel like I mentioned that in my first post and that you honestly shouldn't have expected more than what you saw.

Secondly my art is splotchy because I take several days to hand draw it with my one working hand and the paper taped to an art board. I honestly never intended to show it to anybody, because I know how shitty it looks. Some very caring friends convinced me to put it up, in hopes that I wouldn't abandon another creative project halfway because I couldn't find another home for it.

Your critique is hurtful and demeaning to me; you very honestly could have found a nicer way to tell me what you didn't like about my work than by taking every thing you didn't like about it and ripping it to pieces. I get that you kind of make it your job to weed out the pansies that are just going to go crying home to mommy when they don't make it; pissing me off would be one thing but you actually made me cry.

You claim to be a nice person; you tell me my work is horrible and to take some time to improve, yet you seem to try and be as harsh as possible in your critique, it's almost like you don't care about the person who made the work, only that it somehow offended you and therefore shouldn't exist in the first place.

If you're going to give a critique that people are going to listen to instead of only remember as someone being as hurtful as they could possibly be to you, it needs to be constructive. Work on this, especially since you never know the background of the person you are saying these hurtful things to.

Oh, and I don't have any skill with HTML to speak of, with the exception for a few simple lines of code I picked up from my soon to be father in law back when I was dating his kid, I've used Dreamweaver for everything.
Email: cApRIcorn_TIGer86atYaHOOdotCOM

Desired Username: litur-comic

I'd like to apply with the challenge method, given that I have yet to find any other (even temporary) hosting for the site for a price within my current budget, and don't really have any finished product to show for it. I can post some of the stuff I've done in GIMP, playing around with fonts and layouts for the comic, as well as some of my older artwork to the thread if you'd like to see them, though.


Lost in the Unknown Realm is a webcomic, chronicling the adventures of three somewhat lost adventurers in a Fantasy RPG, similar to Dungeons & Dragons, told through the use of sprites from various video game RPGs, like the Castlevaina, Final Fantasy, and Legend of Zelda series.

The three main characters are Aero Honor; a Holy Warrior, Sekra Jademoon; a Mage, and Orpheus Silvelord; a Bard.

Aero is the leader of the group, though he likely isn't the best candidate for it; Sekra is more capable, and is usually the one to help "pull the group up by its bootstraps" so to speak, when things don't go according to plan. Orpheus, being a bard, isn't necessarily the most useful character in battle, but tags along with the other two in hopes of crafting a ballad of a grand adventure; since that's what most people want to hear.

Over the course of the comic, the holy warrior suffers an identity crisis after failing to become a paladin; a real-estate agent's plot to get them to buy into a time share property is thwarted when the party purchases the castle for themselves, Sekra's mysterious past is revealed and the party thwarts an attempted assassination and take over of a legendary hidden kingdom. And that's just what I have roughly scripted out so far...