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A whimsical subject inspired by a recent near encounter...

I was at church this morning and spotted a 20-something Asian woman I didn't know sitting in the rearmost pew; she didn't wear goggles or a scarf, but she did have a daisy shaped hair pin just like the one here and worn in the same place.  Alas, I didn't get to ask her about it, as during the final hymn she departed early - through the door or otherwise.

So, have any of you spotted Jenny passing through your universes lately?
While many really talented artists have tackled Jenny Everywhere stories, I am not one of those skillful artists.  However, I can type and so have produced prose fiction; you can read Camera Shy on my Jenny site now.

My apologies to anyone who looked there earlier; I had forgotten that I'd left draft copies of the earlier two stories up there until I checked in for probably the first time this year.  That's now been corrected; more polished and better formatted versions are available.

PS: Checking again with Firefox rather than IE, it seems google sites is doing something odd with formatting.  Everything is readable, but it's not perfectly pretty yet.  Please be patient while I sort that out.
While commenting on works in progress has obvious limits, I felt I just had to speak up on this one.  Benj, you rock!  I'm looking forward to the completed version of this, but your script says it all.  I'd never imagined a council of Jennies, but out of infinite universes some of them must dig formalities and organization, right?  Also, it's fun to watch Jennies disagreeing with herselves.

There's something delightfully surreal about group scenes with only Jenny Everywhere.

For anyone who's somehow not seen this, the incomplete version is here and you should check it out.

(Fixed link)