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Started by w0lfmare, February 19, 2014, 03:42:06 PM

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Hey Xepher! I'm currently hosted on smackjeeves, but I'm not too happy about their lack of page customization, this site shows promise, and I hope you'll consider Bloodline a good addition to ^^

Username: w0lfmare

Email: w0lfmare at

"Bloodline" is a series following four bloodlines and their effects on each other/themselves through time. It starts out with Ember, who intends to leave her "demon" father along with her brothers and see the world, but things get... Complicated.

It's been running for almost a year now (updating once a week) and though sometimes I'm a day late, I have yet to miss an update. This is my current site, but I do have a Deviant art account if some non-comic art is necessary.

As far as making/maintaining the site, I have a friend who's volunteered to do that part, though I do have some understanding of HTML, so I could probably maintain the site if anything goes wrong in the future.

I intend to keep my comic going till the end (if possible) and can't see any reason I would stop all together.

All in all I think Bloodline fits the criteria your looking for, but I guess that's for you to decide,
either way thanks for your time ^^


It looks like you have been keeping up with a regular schedule for several months now, so that's a definite plus. I am a little hesitant that you have a friend you'll be relying on to get a site up and running though. Not that you can't do that, but as noted elsewhere, this is "raw" web hosting. Most people end up installing wordpress/comicpress or something similar, though some still create static, non CMS sites as well. Do you know what it is your friend/you are thinking to use or create?


He says he's using Wordpress with the Comicpress add-on.

If it helps, he made a sort of example site to test out the layout and background here: (if the link is blocked: ht tp: / / ethost6. co m/comic/ ? comic =page-11)

While I'm not sure, it may be a simple copy and paste away. If not, I'd like to back him up by saying it didn't take him long to put that together, and I imagine it'll be easier the second time.

Once the site's up and running, I'll be personally updating the comic pages, so I won't be fully relying on him past the initial setup, though I imagine he'll stick around to help out in changing the layouts, subpages, etc.


Good enough. You're in! You should have an email with login information and instructions. Please follow it, and make sure to set your user info and a new password. If you have any questions, let me know.

Welcome Aboard!


A few questions while I wait for the email...

First off, is "bloodline" included in the url as well as my selected username? It didn't cross my mind till now, and if not, I'd like to change the username to Bloodline, though I assume it's probably too late for that, so no biggie.

About the "no IRC's" rule, does that apply only to chat boxes directly displayed on the site, or does it go as far as links that lead to IRC's? I'm pondering one for the distant future.

Thanks for this opportunity, I'll do my best to make Bloodline a wonderful addition to Xepher. net!


Uh, yeah, as mentioned in the application instructions, your username is your URL, unless you're linking your own domain name here. I can create a new account with a different name if you really need to.

As for IRC, the rules mean you can't run an actual IRC server or client/chatbot on your shell account here. Links from webpages, and client side (java/javascript) stuff connecting to other IRC servers are fine.