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Happy Hump Day!

Started by Munerift, August 30, 2006, 02:57:10 PM

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That's right, it's that magical day known as Hump Day; formerly known as Wednesday! It means TGIF is just around the corner and you've made it through the first half of the week. Everyone can partake and celebrate!

My boss is here (which she usually isnt, telecommutes from her home) and mentioned a three day weekend coming up. I told her "Dear god no!!!! I can't lose a day of pay!" but she checked with HR for me and I hit my 90 days on September 2nd, that means this next Monday I get to parade around in my jammies all day, hang out with my daughter; and get paid $13 an hour to do it!

Tell us your stories, what's happening with all of you this Hump Day?
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...grading papers and bracing for tomorrow, when i meet the parents for back-to-school night?
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English 1A and having to park so far away from campus that my legs now feel like jelly from walking (curse you cabrillo and your steep, uphill campus!)

Also I'm going to auditions for Much Ado About Nothing tonight. That's about it for Hump Day happenings here.
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Woke up. Hated work. Took shower. Hated work. Went to work. Hated work. Configured 180 computers to say "Narf!" during boot. Hated work less. Left work. Maxed engine RPM on drive home. Removed shoes. Drank beer. Stopped hating work.

(Note: The above is valid for nearly any work day. Simply replace "Narf" sentence as appropriate.)


This is a day late but I ended up in the city with 3 changes of clothes and no computer. I'm waiting for school to start. that's why I haven't been online at all.
Pizza party! Pizza for everyone!....who has money?


Yay it's Hump day again!
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I am putting off the paraphrasing I have to do for Hamlet x3;
I'm so sorry about Bella, Jack.


... I think this proves I can only spend so many months away from this place. MAN I miss it.

 I love hump days. 8 hour school days and judo and work,  volunteering, manga editing, house chores, I need intellectual release! (and I know I'm not gonna find it in my fart-jokes loving friends).

 But yeah.. Hump days mean I only have 7 hour days of not being at home for the rest of the week! Weeeee.
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And now... only two days 'till I can move into my new place. Yay for sleeping in my own bed again!


Happy Hump day everyone!
It feels kind of like a Thursday to me though, because tomorrow will be like my Friday… because Friday I’m actually taking the day off to move into my new apartment. I’m hoping I’ll have generous neighbors with open-access wi-fi signals! =]
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Cool, hope it works out for you. It's St. Patrick's Day this Saturday too. I still need to figure out where all I'm going to get drunk. :-P


You should come over here and teach me this 'drunk' tradition that seems to go hand in hand with Patty's day....   0=)
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I found a tiny little can of corned beef here.  I can kind of have a St. Patrick's Day this weekend. ^-^
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